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  1. StewedDafodil6

    Bouncing Projectiles?

    Okay... i figured out how to make projectiles bounce off of walls and floors.. but i have no clue on how to make them bounce off of ceilings, or if thats even possible. so im asking is there a way to do this?
  2. StewedDafodil6

    A question about announcers

    Is it possible to have an annoucer say the name of an item when a player picks it up. for example if a player were to pick up a shotgun could i make it so it says shotgun (already have the sound file of the item in question) when i pick it up, just curious. Like how they say the name of a powerup?
  3. StewedDafodil6

    Just curious...

    Thanks it actually worked perfectly
  4. StewedDafodil6

    Just curious...

    Is there a way to make armour act as a second health bar? If so how would i go about doing that?
  5. StewedDafodil6

    How do you hide sectors..?

    hey forum it's me again. im curious on how people hide sectors,what i mean is it wont show up on your automap in game. one examples: one DOOM2 map19 the whole map is a big box but in game it hides the sector that makes it look square. im probaly explaining this whole question poorly but i hope you know what im trying to say.
  6. StewedDafodil6

    Just Curious...

    hey forum, its me again just curious about something that interested me... so in final doom: the plutonia experiment on map02 and map03 there are these parts of the map that are... i don't know how to put it? invisible bridges maybe. yeah that sounds right. and i got curious about how to do this any ideas how. p.s i went on doom builder and there was no invisible floor things( i used to use them and im sure that's not whats it called)
  7. StewedDafodil6

    Need a program to edit ENDOOM screen

    Thanks guys.. :)
  8. StewedDafodil6

    Need a program to edit ENDOOM screen

    Is there a program that enables you to edit endoom screens ENDOOMER XWE dont work... or a way to edit ENDOOM screens using SLADE3? oh and another question.how do i record Demos for a wad
  9. StewedDafodil6

    Need Help with Texture Editing...

    *FacePalm* thx man. wait i want multiple wads do they all have to be under the same PP_START/FF_START
  10. StewedDafodil6

    Need Help with Texture Editing...

    Can anyone help me with a problem i am dealing with... so. im making a megawad but i started to get old of the same old doom 2 textures so i decided to download some texture wads from realm667. and i need help because when i dragged all the files from the texture wads into my wad. some dont work and others are very Glichy on doom builder(look like scrambled colours and corrupted)there are also a lot of textures that apeer as 0x0 and as a'X'(as in missing texute[but there in the wad]) please tell me what i did wrong! and how i can fix it...