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    you couldn't circle strafe in pc doom until source ports came out
  1. Gzdoom does have that but you have to turn it on.
  2. In a way heretic and hexen had free look and (i think) were on the same engine as doom. I play doom with free look in gzdoom.
  3. Do you mean shift + lmb? it should work i don't know.
  4. I updated terror core:http://www.mediafire.com/file/n44qiwhkrwxxwax/MAP11.zip it works in vanilla doom now.
  5. I found a problem in terror core in chocorenderlimits it crashes with the error " P_AddActivePlat: no more plats!" but all platforms are needed so i can't delete any.
  6. I guess i got the wrong file then because there was no .exe to run anyway i got it working thanks.
  7. Sorry for the bump but how do i setup ChocoRenderLimits?
  8. You can use ANIMDEFS or ANIMATED.
  9. How would it be useful?
  10. Two gate flats: Spoiler:
  11. I play gzdoom in 16:9 with no status bar and in prboom-plus i use 4:3 (for both the screen and status bar) with the status bar.
  12. Thanks Szymanski.
  13. @Szymanski i liked the vine idea so i gave it a shot: Spoiler: here's my first attempt: and here's my second attempt: and some random stuff:
  14. It would.
  15. I thought the stock textures were destroyed versions but i didn't look at all of the textures so i may be wrong.