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  1. I downloaded some custom weapons for Doom from realm667. I placed them in Slade. Then in the game i typed in "idkfa" and the custom weapons appeared. But not in doom builder 2. How do i get them to Doom builder 2? My sourceport is Zandronum.
  2. Zandroner

    Intermission screen error

    Well, suddenly out of nowhere, the problem solved itself.
  3. Whenever i play Doom 2, modded or not. I can go through the intermission screen. Its very slow and when it's finished. I can't go to the next level.
  4. Zandroner

    Intermission screen error

    Midi mapper and Microsoft GS wavetable synth.
  5. Zandroner

    Custom weapons in doom builder 2

    I meant that then i go to "Things mode" it doesnt appear on the list.