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  1. Necrowarrior

    What is the best show on Television?

    If you asking about people's favorite TV shows, then mine are (in no particular order): 1. Enterprise 2. The Simpsons 3. Some Documentries (there are loads) 4. Stargate 5. The Osbournes 6. South Park 7. Robot Wars And so on. If you asking what the "best" TV show is then, you're a bit daft really.
  2. Necrowarrior

    What music is the best?

    Sorry, I'm just tired right now.
  3. Necrowarrior

    What music is the best?

    What a retarded thread.
  4. Necrowarrior

    What music is the best?

    No, you fail it. You obviosly (sp?) have a deep-rooted bigoted opinion of NIN.
  5. Necrowarrior

    DOOMWORLD it is a changin'... what's your take?

    1. What do you think of all this? Your general opinion please.... The ability to search. 2. What direction do YOU think DW should be headed in? Uhh... FORWARD! 3. What could be done to make this place better, to revitalize the community? More Doom 3 News. 4. What (if anything) is wrong with DW right now? No Doom Millenium! 5. What should be avoided at all costs? Retardedness.
  6. Necrowarrior

    Who else is building a PC for Doom 3?

    I need to go shopping for a new processor and a new motherboard.
  7. To The Reverend Julian: There. A longer user name. Happy? To DSM: Keep the stories a comin'! :-)