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  1. Misty

    what is playpal?

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/PLAYPAL you can read about it here. It's a palette lump that doom uses for graphics and colours.
  2. Misty

    Have you read all of Doomworld threads?

    I was thinking about for really long time, but I decided against it, because new threads are created everyday and it's already quite difficult to keep up with everything.
  3. I noticed similar problem with myself - I can't focus on one project to finish it, unless it's timed and has deadline over it. So, in my hard drive there lie lots of mapping projects in various stages, some are close to finish and others are just started. My mind sometimes gets new idea and I'm just "oh, shiny, let's open up builder and draw some stuff" regardless if I have plenty other older ones to do. It sucks. In other hand, I sometimes feel like I'm drawing same thing over and over again, just putting new coat on it to hide what I did... I don't have good tips, besides you could try think about clear goal and steps to reach it or just hide builder somewhere and don't think about it for few days, it helps me most of times.
  4. Misty

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Penguin with rocket launcher, run!
  5. Okay, this is a second day of unpaid vacation from discord platform and now I realised how much I value connections and friendships I built through here, I guess that feel then you start missing someone and something is creeping in. In other hand, break from social platforms is good thing(quite ironic because I'm lurking in forum, lol), because I found myself being a bit too overwhelmed by things happening around servers and it's so hard keep up with everything around. 

    Anyway, I'm alright and well, most likely I'll get back at Friday or Thursday, working on things I wanted to finish for quite long time. 
    Like this full of squares map I'm almost done:

  6. Misty

    Facts about Mars

    Mars has some quakes time from time, despite not having tectonic plates like we have here on Earth.
  7. @Endless I was thinking for 2-3 weeks for each thread, new thread for each random idgames adventures every new week seems a bit overkill for me and it doesn't create sense of continuation, but that's just me.
  8. Misty

    Wat's yuor opnioin auobt Br00tAl Dom?

    I like brutal broom, it helps me to keep rooms clear from demons.
  9. Yay, I officially started my week long Easter vacation, I guess I can celebrate it by playing various stuff from idgames archive. Today's random pick consists more of old good Doom 1 content with some sprinkles of Doom 2 level. 1. There's no place like home. by Steven L. Bareman. It's one of those myhouse.wad recreation attempts, consisting of sector furniture and trying to keep up with house plan. I can even imagine author's excitement - "wow, I can build my real house in doom, how cool is that!". It's dated back to 1994, when Doom was new phenomenon and people were willing to share their details over the developing net. It has that cozy feel and here's not many demons to shoot. Screenshots: 2. The Day the Community Died by Paul Corfiatis. He claims that this is his last jokewad. I kind of left confused, because I couldn't get that punchline and seems most of reviewers felt the same way. Music after minute or two got really annoying. Here's not much to say about it, I guess that areas look quite neat. 3. Fame by Mark Raine according to lupinx-Kassman review for this set. Replaces e1m1- e1m5 slots. I found this one interesting and quirky. There is sense of place and texture work for those times is really decent. Gameplay wasn't that difficult, mostly felt like walk in the park. You can look for yourself. 4. Mud by Ben Allred and Evan Sarli. Seems two friends decided to collab on small e1m1 replacement. It's short and quick, it left me guessing who did each part as some places are quite different in texturing choices. 5. Danne's E1 by Daniel "dannebubinga" Jakobsson. Full Knee-Deep in the Dead episode replacement. It takes slow approach, but after few 3 maps, it bumps up difficulty and there are plenty scenarios where player can get easily killed or hurt badly. It took me some time to get around this, but I found it enjoyable experience. Visually looks like traditional e1 techbase stuff. If you enjoy Doom ep1, you might like it. That concludes my searches for today.
  10. Oh, new thread already? Alrighty then, I guess I'll write about my random picks from idgames for this day, because lecture was cancelled for this day and I'm bored af: 1. Pirates by David Ginsberg(idk if it's real name and surname). Dated back to 1998, it replaces some sounds in wad. I found it cool, even if it doesn't fit doom aesthetics and sounds. Video would make a difference, but I'm too lazy to record it. 2. James Bond skin for Doom legacy by Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk. It's actually not that accurate, because it doesn't replace skins, only player's hud with Bond's face. Here screenshot for you: 3. The Blessed Engine 1.9 by legendary DOUG the Eagle and KANSAM. Same engine which was used in Sky May be. I couldn't open up this one sadly, but it's nice to know that it was documented and put in idgames. 4. Glaive by EANB. 9 maps long episode inspired by Scythe. I heard about this one a lot and I was so happy that random file rng in idgames was kind enough to give me opportunity to play it and give my review. Well, it actually does what it says - short punchy maps with Scythe ep1 vibes, it wouldn't be out of place in original set. If you don't know what to play - go give Glaive a try, it was fun and quick challenge that doesn't overstay it's welcome. It could use more blocking lines, not fun jump out from windows... but that's just my gripe with it. Screenshots(in no particular order): 5.Pigeon speedmapping session 02 by Various Mappers. Do I really need to write about this one? Oh, ok, I should, even if it would be less of review and more memory sharing. This one was themed after Thanksgiving Day I think, my memory is a bit faulty. There were 2 sessions in same day to accommodate people living in different time zones(I think it's a bit overkill and exhausting). Time limit was 3 hours for each session. People had to choose from 3 themes + optional themes: 1.Maximum of 6 textures and 6 flats. 2.Maximum of 46 monsters. 3.Boxes and crates. Optional themes: 4.Only use cc4-tex.wad textures. 5. Every adjoining sector must be a different height (at least 4 units difference). Session ended up with 14 fine maps to play in speedmapping standards. I still remember panic and worries to finish my map in time, despite feeling unwell and unfit to work on my submission. That map I ended up making, is still shortest one I ever done. Everything went well, until main host started feel unhappy and anxious, because they wanted to have more maps to fill "megawad" definition, that would be about 15-32 maps and most of participants left, because they got upset and angry(of course, no one likes that their efforts are undermined and underrated). Looking few years back, it wasn't worthy, Pigeon sessions had really strong start and promising future, only to be destroyed by someone's anxiety, high ambitions and show to someone "look, I'm doing better than you, go suffer that inactivity, hehe!". I tried to keep flame on from 3rd session(everything was transferred to me) and I said some questionable things on Abyssal speedmapping revival thread(something I still regret at this day)... After 4 sessions, I decided to silently quit and focus on what I really love. Would I recommend play this one? Sure, despite all this thing above I wrote, most of maps are really good in speedmapping standards, there are plenty of well known folks who contributed under original host. Some screenshots in no particular order: Well, this concludes my random idgames search for today.
  11. Misty

    Textures (from Sunlust) and copyright

    From Sunlust extra_info. txt: === That big list of people that gets thrown around whenever someone uses anything from gothictx or cc4-tex. You know the one. CC4tex and gothictx are freely available resources to use. Not sure about sky textures, maybe someone else will know, but I believe nobody will get angry if you use those and give credit.