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  1. Qboard Doom2 SP wad by Biff Debris, Lunaran, Aardappel(1999) 3 levels long mapping from dead Quake forum section(I checked links - one is dead(I wonder if doomnation has archived links) and other one about project history links you to the shop). It was supposed to be megawad, but seems only 3 mappers dared to show up, too bad, because levels were promising(just how many promising projects show up and later die, because of lack of interest or project leader quitting). Maps/project wouldn't be out of more modern mapping settings, especially last 2 levels. Gameplay is relatively easy, nothing what player couldn't fight. Screenshots:
  2. Can confirm, this is indeed Lithuanian name and surname. Apparently he did speedruns of various levels according to doomwiki.org page too. Source - I'm from the same country as this mapper and speedrunner.
  3. Misty

    Single level wad recommendations

    Remnant by Aurelius. I had fun with it, even if it took me hour and half to beat it.
  4. I gave this project quick run on easy difficulty, so some things might be different for someone else who ran this on hmp or uv. So, few things I noticed: In map03 exit area, you placed archvile, but thing is that it's completely harmless because you placed exit teleporter and player can just rush to escape it. I suggest move it where hell knights spawn or zombie/imps, that way players will have more things to do. Map10, last arena - you want tweak stairs a bit, because those pinkies can't come down rendering them cheap meat for bfg gun, completely harmless. Making stairs less high you would give pinky demons more chance to attack. Of course, you could remove them and reposition them somewhere else. Visuals - I'd say you could introduce 2 more rock textures around to break monotonous look, same with rocky flats. I also had some gripe with switches - it's easy to miss those if you're rushing around, I'd replace some of those into bigger versions - that way it would be less chances to miss it. Overall, this project slightly reminds me "Good Morning, Phobos" megawad, which good thing. Keep working and improving, I'll be waiting for next episodes!
  5. Misty

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Electricity in this area still kinda works, but for how long no one knows, because they all got corrupted except you, the player.
  6. Misty

    Is it possible to remake Tek War in Doom?

    Of course it's possible these days, but as people pointed out it's not really worthy time and energy to recreate worst best build engine game. Oh, this reminds me that Hellforge server did speedmaps with Tekwar textures, I don't remember if they are in idgames tho.
  7. Misty

    Doomcute thread

    Not going lie, this is creative way to make trees, taken from this episode: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/g-i/g-b-arch
  8. Caronte by Aluqah(2007) I know Aluqah from his Mandrill Ass Project yes, it's a real set, even got cacowards in 2011, but this time it's about his older map called Caronte. It targets zdoom port, so one can expect sequences, scripting, slopes and any other zdoom magic they used back in the day. It's not that difficult - most annoying thing is instant death lava floor if you fall out and instant shot boss. If you feel nostalgic about old zdoom levels, this map is for you. Also it has this:
  9. Dead Base 2.0 by Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd(2003) This one is made for zdoom and occupies e2m1, so it needs Ultimate Doom to load. It's also counts as remake to "dead base" level, released in 90's by Alberto Barsella according to text file. This remake contains zdoomisms like some hud messages, coloured lighting, invisible monsters(pain to see from where they come - least well aged zdoom feature), few slopes there and here, switch that spawns ammo clip and telling you that energy is drained. Level itself isn't difficult and layout is still full of squares. I guess, back then, slapping some brand new features on old levels were considered norm and improvement. I'm leaving og level it was based on(you can compare and see how it went): DEADBASE.WAD - `Wasteland: Dead Base' by Alberto BARSELLA(1994) Screenshot from Dead Base 2.0
  10. Misty

    WADs with video trailers?

    Doom Zero of course.
  11. Land of the Damned by Paul Fleschute (2000, released in 2022) 3 Heretic levels that were supposed to be part of megawad according to author, but never properly finished. Those levels occupy e1m1, e2m1 and e2m2 slots. Maps themselves play really well and it's perfect for short break playthrough.
  12. Tonight it snows white pixels
  13. Raging Waters by Greg Hagedorn (The Poolman)(1995)(sent in idgames in 2018) Raging Waters is short Heretic level, locating in e1m1 slot. By today's standards it's not overly difficult as there are only few monsters. Judging by text file it supports both single player and deathmatch as back in the day deathmatch was full of rage and fun. Visuals wise, level feels comfy due texture usage and contrasts between rock and marble. Going to more modern times, it was one of efforts to give this level more permanent home, preserve it for future generations to discover and play. my corrupted DOOM 2 home by Brian Glines(1996) "Myhouse.wad" genre was more popular in 90's, judging how many such levels were built in the past. There lots of doomcute areas that everyone loves so much, it gives cozy feel and shows some insight how person lived during those times in the past. Gameplay wise you can expect some cramped encounters, but those easy to defuse before they do any damage to you.