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Status Updates posted by Misty

  1. Would you still release mapping project if it doesn't reflect your mapping style and ways anymore? Here's 6-7 maps project lying in my hard drive, with levels made between 2018 and 2020. Only gameplay and cosmetic changes needed to make that project sane to play, but I'm not too sure how people would react about this. 

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    2. Loud Silence

      Loud Silence

      I would love to play them. Please release.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I would definitely release them.  People grow over time, and sometimes it's fun to share how you've grown with others.  It's also a way to formally close that chapter off and move on to the next, at least for me.

    4. Misty


      I guess, once I'm done with few commitments, I will take some time to improve some maps from that project and release it. 

  2. Oh wow, seems I joined this page 4 years ago. Plenty of things changed and experienced through those years, I'm looking forward for more and finally release those few projects I'm working on. 

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    2. Misty


      Sure, it does... I'm almost 24 years old and I joined this forum when I was 18 years old, it's kind of funny :D

    3. SOSU


      So you spent 6 years of your life being a member here for 4 years...

      That's some time paradox stuff Misty :O!!

    4. Misty


      Well, it's mostly because my birthday is really late in fall, so you get time paradoxes :"""")

  3. I live at so many nice places in this town.



    1. Marn


      where dat??? 

    2. Misty


      I live in those Baltic countries, we have nice nature here. 

  4. Couple of night sky pics I tried to capture with my new phone camera:


    I still need play with phone camera settings to get the best of it...

  5. To answer your question in review - you need doom2.wad presented in your port folder. Copy that iwad in thatfolder and put scythe over port and launch it. Same works with other iwads. If you don't have them, Freedoom is good alternative. 

    1. Paresh


      Thank you so much Misty, appreciate your help.



  6. It feels weird that I only need finish 1 and half map for my personal project and then big phase of testing, balancing and improving will come until my eyes bleed. After that, I'll let this project go, because it's already taking 2 years and I'm slowly moving to 3rd one. I hope it won't take way too long...


  7. I forgot that 3 years and almost 2 weeks ago I registered to this place. So many things and discoveries happened. I'm more mature and my mapping stuff got better... I don't how long it will last and how will everything end, but I hope I'll stay more here and finally release my first episodic project to public, besides I have few more projects to do... 


  8. I first time managed to capture night sky with stars properly and here's the results:








    Maybe those could be turned into doom sky textures with some editing and fixing.

  9. Finally, I've got job for this summer, so I'm going to put mapping and my boom project aside for the while. I believe it's for the better, because last few weeks I was running out of creative fuel and wish to continue further. I hope everything will go smoothly as warm butter on the bread.

  10. Time to continue on the nature pics share tradition:
    (those grasses in the second pic are higher than me)


  11. Spring is almost here(weather is pleasant enough to stay outside):




  12. I don't remember who said that I'm already a good mapper year or two back, when I showed never properly finished map back then, but I want say thank you. Everytime, when I feel discouraged or sad over mapping stuff, I just remember those words and continue foward regardless of outcome. 

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      You really are a good mapper, though ^_^

    2. Liberation


      You are an excellent mapper :-)

  13. Happy New Year, Doom community! It feels strange to look at the new date now... 

  14. What I learned about eternity engine by doing map for it:

    1. It allows put wall textures as flats, sadly no scalling or moving them in eternity in doom format.

    2. Has much more monster types like psx spectre, nightmare spectre, dog. Thing and decorative types like particle fountains and polyobjects.

    3. Has its own mapinfo and decorate lump called EDF. Not sure if second one will work with eternity vanilla format, needs test for me. 

    4. Eternity in doom has most of the boom actions, so those conveyors and monster teleporter closets are possible.  

    5. Portals are less pain to setup than in gzdoom in udmf. 


    What I missed in that port:

    1. Internal midi support, like fluidsynth or timidity or even opl3 simulation. Not much fan to rely on my computer installed midi software.


    What I need to learn:

    1. How add extra data in eternity in doom, unless I'll move to udmf to make things easier. 

    2. How 3d mid texture trick works. 

    3. How png textures work in port. 


    I don't what to say more. I'm quite pleased to try mapping for this port, it has the most things what people want have for prboom+. I'll share map after week or two if mapper's block won't hit me. 

    P.s I'm not much of expert, just casual user and mapper. 

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      I think the 3d midtex is simply a linedef flag, no? So I guess you pretty much need your editor to support Eternity. There are configurations on the Internet. 

    2. Misty


      Well, I use gzdoom builder bugfix and it has 3dmidtex thing. I meant, that I need to test it in practice on the map. 

  15. Seems you loaded wrong wad, because beta download section is messed up for Doom 64 in Doom II. Check out legacy download page for it and tell me if you're still forced to play with pistol and encounter two archviles and cyberdemon only with that gun. Judging by review, you played "red dust 1", which is slaughter wad. 


    1. StevenC21


      Yes... it appears that was the wad I received.


      Thank you!

  16. This kind of personal thing, but today I learned that my favourite and beloved teacher died. I'm still shocked, because she was very kind woman and treated us with respect, despite of our flaws. Also she tried to help me and show my writing talents to the world. Now, I just regret that I didn't pay a visit in my school after I finished it while I still had chance to meet her and now it's lost forever. So, hug your beloved ones or tell them good words, because you will never know when you meet them a last time.


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    2. 42PercentHealth


      Aw man, I'm very sorry to hear that! :-( I have a few teachers I've really admired like that... I should drop them a line.


      Teachers can be great and influential people, and yet many times feel underappreciated. Some students complain about even the best and hardest-working teachers, they are often underpaid (at least here in the US), and even the students who admire them rarely say so to their faces. If you have a teacher who does his/her job well, tell them you appreciate their efforts! :-)


      (Sorry for the mini-rant... just something I feel kinda passionate about.)

    3. Misty


      Well, ironic is that we only appreciate people and their given strength and time after they gone. 


      Underpaid and underpreciated teachers here is also a serious problem.


    4. Marlamir


      Ohh, that's sad to hear. i Know how you must feel now, you have my condolences. Be strong.

  17. Finally I opened staying overnight at outside sessions at this summer. Sadly, these will be shorter and most likely be on weekends. Because of job and other things. Now, I'm enjoying the silence and big full moon, I missed it so much. It feels weird to write here, because these days I rarely share status updates or talk about myself that much.

    1. Marlamir


      I have the same feeling. It's really awesome feeling when you just after working week laying on grass and enjoying beautiful silence night.

  18. I've never thought that at this sunny and beautiful day will come for me, but I'm at hospital with very serious problems. I hope, that they won't last for too long and I'll continue on things as usual.

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    2. Misty


      I had some kind undentified(I don't know how to write this word) infection, but I've got better through these days, so they decided to let me out of hospital. 

    3. Catpho


      Its "unidentified". An unidentified infection? Thats frighting! 

    4. Misty


      Well, they did those tests, but they couldn't find disease. 

  19. Winter, you're beautiful...





    1. seed


      Oh yes indeed, one of the main reasons for why winter is my favorite season, save for the occasional bloodchilling temperatures.


      The first and last picture kick ass.

    2. Misty


      I love dead silence on winter season, especially on the nights. Even dogs don't bark around that time. Sadly, snow here quickly melts because I live near sea. 

    3. seed


      Same, but the silence of the night works for me as well, no more people talking or shouting, empty streets with barely any cars running or humans walking, and so on, the only sounds I want to hear is the wind blowing and howls, the latter not happening very often.


      I haven't seen much snow here in my city either. It lasted for about a week or two back in January and another one in December after a few days of short but heavy snowing when the temperatures have reached negative values and stayed there for a while, going as low as -15 degrees from what I recall, but once the bone chilling temperatures were gone so was the snow and I've seen nothing since. I'll see what happens in March, that's when winter truly unleashes itself here for a couple of years.

  20. Random forest photo that nobody asked for.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Could you perhaps upload a random forest photo real quick? Oh wait... ;-)

    2. Misty


      Yeah, enjoying snow while is still here, because weather here changes fast :")

  21. Dear felgro, 
    We get it, you dislike all those extended things in maps/ports(I could argue with your port choice, because doomsday isn't true vanilla port), but please stop with that "vanilla friendly, crap free" stuff. People already know(who stay here a bit longer) that you're hardcore vanilla dude. So please, can you focus what really matters in map reviews like gameplay, layout, executed ideas, visuals and so on. This would be more helpful that bashing all extended things,which isn't very cool to put in reviews, because as gamer/reader I don't really want to read how you hate extended stuff and there always included text file which states compatibility settings.

    P.s There more ports who supports vanilla stuff/behaviour like Chocolate Doom, Prboom+(have you ever heard of almighty complevel 2(Doom II) and complevel 3(for Ultimate Doom) for keeping vanilla/limit-removing stuff "crap free"(I mean stays faithful to all quirks/bugs) and it's basically better than doomsday in lots of terms), Eternity and so on. 

    Screenshot is from the last review and this seriously isn't helpful. 


  22. I just woke up and already screwed up my day. Now, I'm scared to check programs and photos. I hope everyone has a better friday than me. Now I'm going to do some mapping and forget about everything.

  23. Today is my birthday. I'm supposed to be 21 years old  responsible person(ha ha, nope). Time flies fast and I'm scared of getting old. Anyway, I'm happy that I'm still alive and still in this place ;)

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      Happy Birthday! :-D Don't worry, you're a long way from getting old. ;-)

    3. MidnightMage
    4. BigDickBzzrak


      My grandpa fought WWII when he was your age, think about it

      ummm I mean happy birthday

  24. So, it seems one year passed already when I first time registered here, in this forum. So many things changed in my life, starting from college stuff and ending with mapping preferences. I know, it's not big deal for other people, but for me it's big step. I still remember how I showed my first map to only get criticized. I'm not angry at this point, I feel it was good thing. I hope, next year will be nice too as this one ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Misty


      I remember that too. I don't know who caused this even at this day. Maybe it was due to internet provider changes. Well, I hope it won't repeat again, because I'll be sad :'')

    3. GarrettChan


      @YukiRaven"Not as mainstream" is a better choice I think since "outcast" is a little bit too strong. Probably this is very similar to that I always like to say I like to be the minority. For example, I don't like those everyday cellphone games or easy games, and I tend to pick the highest difficulty if it's playable for me. Also, I tend to consider thinking is a very exciting procedure, not an exhausting procedure. People usually like to say I'm too tired to think, but stamina and brain power are two separate things to me. I may too tired to move around, but I usually won't be too tired to think.

    4. GarrettChan


      Oh, forgot to say, I'll eventually get into mapping too, but I guess it's not recently though. At that time, you'll be my senpai and sensei ;P

  25. It's one of those status updates, but I'm feeling that "I can't take this anymore longer" is getting way too common in my life. I don't don't know how to explain this thing, because everything is mixed in very bad way and I don't where I could start. I'm trying to stay strong and live my life as usual, push myself more into activities that I like, so I won't think about myself in negative way. But even my favorite activities don't make me happy anymore. I don't know, if I should continue, because nobody likes depressed people and I'm afraid that I'm one of them.

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      1.) We will have to agree to disagree here. The mind is something clinical psychologists may not fully understand, but they've explored the "territory" quite a bit more than you make it sound.


      And besides, if I were to look for somebody who could help me develop a healthier thinking pattern better than friends can, I surely would pay for such a service, instead of beating around the bush while getting molly-cuddled by friends who lack the means to understand the overarching problems. Talking to friends is fine, but taking care of symptoms doesn't mean taking care of their cause at the same time. Like I said: I don't know if what I have to offer is what somebody else needs, and that's the best way to think about it, imo.


      I will say though that "professionals" who do nothing more than hand out "happy-pills" are something I take with a grain of salt.


      2.) Without Freud most of the recent discoveries would not have been made. Many of his theories aren't fundamentally wrong either, by the way. They needed to get improved on for sure.


      3.) If what you advocate here is the idea of a "god of the gaps", which means putting god everywhere where science has not yet reached, then get ready to get that undone, and I say that as a highly religious person, by the way.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      3) No, I don't follow "god of the gaps" logic. But I am convinced that there is a non-physical component to a person; If this is correct, and if "science" denies it, then their theories will never be completely correct.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      If thoughts and behaviour-patterns were physical, we wouldn't need limbs and "organs" to manifest these "ideas" in the physical world. Science already figured out that there's a non physical component to humans and the way they think/perceive, that's why people don't do lobotomies anymore, unless they've been living under a rock.