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  1. I hope someone will notice this my recent map thread and gives me insightful opinion about my creation. I stated everything inside.


    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Don't worry, people will see it, if they want to. You have to deal with the fact that not too many people will bother to download some newbie's WAD, that's normal. You know, you have to learn to crawl before you walk. Everything will be fi-i-ine. :]


      P.S. I did, finally, manage to download NorthOfHell, I might give it a play tonight. :]

    2. Misty


      Yay finally :) . Treat that map a newbie's journey into vast ocean of Doom mapping and modding. Nothing special here except some nice texture choices. 

      I hope everything after some experience and time will get better and better. Sometimes I feel like I don't have creativity or that special talent which could make people say "wow,that's briliant idea". 

    3. rdwpa


      Most people start out at only a small percentage of their overall potential. Recently I looked back at some of my early maps, and they are pretty bad in many ways compared to what I'm capable of now. I don't really think I was all that creative or talented, but I managed to get a lot better over the past two years. 


      A few suggestions:


      1a) Study and replay maps that you enjoy. Figure out what makes them work, both the gameplay and visuals, and add techniques you like to your working process. This is probably the most important thing, other than actually making maps. Specifically: focus on learning how to create fun and interesting gameplay scenarios. 


      1b) Don't feel hesitant to imitate many aspects of the maps you enjoy. Early on, this is one of the best ways to learn how to map. 


      2) Experiment with your working process from time to time. If you usually design room-by-room, detailing as you go, try building an entire layout first with only primary structural textures in place, detailing it after the core gameplay is designed. You might find that a different process better suits your tastes.