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  1. Damn,I have so much trouble past few years to get myself into sleeping/resting state. I'm so tired,but my eyes are wide open and I can't stop overthink.


    Anyway rank "bony member"was very funny for the moment until I wrote new comment.

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    2. leodoom85


      Also, good night :)

    3. thaquoth


      Have you thought of maybe taking up meditation/mindfulness?

      It's not about being "relaxed" per se, rather about gaining control over your thoughts, which really helps dealing with the kind of intrusive thoughts you seem to be describing. I used to reject it as a kind of spiritual bullshit, but it's really just an exercise for the mind. Maybe you'll find it useful. Doesn't hurt to try, right? :)


      I found this a good, concise description of the practice, just to get started: http://drewscanlon.com/meditation-for-beginners/

    4. 40oz


      As far as finding a balance, we usually dont. You've made more maps in a few days than ive made in months. The internet has a way of making people look more active than they really are. Put your real life obligations in the forefront. Do your work, keep your social life strong and you'll be happy. When your life is straightened out and the pressure wears off, the free time will come.