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  1. I hate that feeling when I can't connect two different places in interesting,non linear way. This should work as a clay which connects two papers,but looking at other people works,I just feel depressed. Maybe someone could drop some ideas for this little part of map? My first idea was draw room with lowering floor and effect changes,stairs,but both places are way too different to do that. 

    saaad boom map at 2017.05.19 23-27-30.362 [R2978].jpg

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    2. Misty


      @40oz This map started as random doodle in builder,I've never thought that this map could progress further into drawings like this in screenshot. And I have problem to naming my creations,even my novels are unamed. So,I called this map "sad boom map". It won't stay in this name after I'll get idea how to name it. 

    3. Ichor


      I meant the upper one, but that all seemed to work there. My original idea was to connect that one spot on the dead center of the map (first picture) with the lower left spot.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Add a crate maze