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  1. I feel so drained past few days trying to put things in map,I already have 108 monsters,but places still feels empty. I'm not really sure if I ever will be happy with my mapping results. I hope break will help me to find motivation to finish the rest of wad. Anyway,if this lonely map would be in vanilla,it would crash way too hard. 


    P.s Map is still sad,but I'll find way to rename it. 

    saaad boom map at 2017.05.30 18-51-07.362 [R2979].jpg

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    2. Glaice


      Put the gothy look to the exit area again?

    3. Misty


      Well,this could work here,but first I need somehow recolour gothic textures - those red lines in  into blue or green for having some variety towards to end. 

    4. Glaice


      Sounds like the use of cc4-tex textures.