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  1. Hey, nice reviews, but can you please put spaces after commas?

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    2. fraggle


      How is this a "call out"? It's a reasonable and politely-worded request.

    3. Misty


      Alright people, if you ever find gramatical incorrections from my reviews/posts or just want talk to me, you can always write private message and discuss here with me. I don't feel "called-out" or whatever it means. I just apply my native language punctuations, which don't require put spaces everywhere. Maybe, you all found this weird. It's hard to change old writing habits from school. I hope, you all have a good day or night ;)

    4. Fonze


      The only way to learn is to make mistakes and learn from them; mistakes aren't inherently bad, the reaction afterwards is what counts.


      English can be a tough language to learn, and every language is going to have tiny, arbitrary-seeming rules, but it is good to have people correct us from time to time on our recurring errors so that when we try to say something more complicated, we can make ourselves more clear. That said, I understand you well Haruko; you're doing well :)