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  1. I think I'm almost done with map. Now I need motivation include textures,details,fixes,draw smaller sectors in bigger ones,main action and hope that everything works and doesn't play way too long. Actually I'm scarred right now,because I'm afraid that I'll never be happy with my works. 

    saaad boom map at 2017.06.04 01-20-24.442 [R2979].jpg

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    2. rdwpa


      Where is that from?

    3. Misty


      That green-red mass is from A.L.T megawad. 

    4. Phade102


      Haruko, we are our own worst critics. When its done, you need to upload it for testing. You will never be completely happy with it, i'm definitely not completely happy with mine, but ultimately, having other people say 'you've done a good job' or 'this could be better' are some of the best things you can be told.