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  1. I hate when I can't finish map as a way that I wanted to. I have strong wish to delete left side of the map and start again. Atleast I have new name for wad. I don't know what I to do next, in game these areas are large, way too large. 


    Boiling caves at 2017.06.17 21-56-17.358 [R2979].jpg

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    2. Cell


      This ain't but the core source of my 1-week mapping plans stretching out for 4-5 years. No kidding.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Too much space? Put in more monsters, or downsize the sectors...


      Imo, when your sectors feel empty, and you're thinking about deleting them, you started drawing a sector before having a purpose in mind.


      If the sector is just there for the sake of being there, nobody "needs" that sector, really. If it leads to a key, a hidden arena, a secret exit or anything that makes it worth going there, change it until you like it.

    4. Misty


      I often forget remind myself,that I shouldn't draw maps while I'm tired and these sectors are proof of it. I'm going to scale a bit them and redraw those long sectors in something more interesting and functionable. I won't delete everything,just some places.