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  1. Maybe, someone could help me and give tips how to change this visual garbage in something more acceptable? It doesn't fit in main theme anymore. 




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    2. Tango


      sweet, looks neat! I didn't watch the whole thing but skipped through parts. really dig that big red sp_hot area that's shown near the end. I can sort of see how you'd feel the area in the shots is out of place - it looks like all the other outdoorsy/cave sections in the map are using a bunch of different rock textures. the area around the 9 min mark for example has a few different rock textures and colors, while the rocky cave sections have a totally different set, which I don't think is necessarily bad, but there is a lot of variety that you could probably make more coherent. I don't think the green area would even have to completely switch to one of the other sets of outdoor textures you're using, just maybe change some of it (like all the tan parts, not the green zimmer) to a texture that's being used elsewhere for outdoor areas.


      so I guess in summary my thought would be to try reducing the number of different rock textures you're using throughout the map, and include some of the textures used elsewhere in the green zimmer area to make it look more like it belongs. more generally, I think the outdoor areas would look more interesting if there was more light variety. so either some more overhangs with darker shadows underneath them, or darken the whole area and then selectively light up bits with torches + sector lighting (or dynamic lights), or something along those lines. hope that is helpful D:

    3. Misty


      I see now. I guess, I'll try reduce some texture usage and change them a bit and get some logic and see how to transform zimmer area into some more acceptable place. Maybe put some monsters on the ground for more fun. I almost done with gameplay planning(finally), but visuals are killing my sanity. 

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Looks good to me, I'd leave it in.