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  1. What I learned about eternity engine by doing map for it:

    1. It allows put wall textures as flats, sadly no scalling or moving them in eternity in doom format.

    2. Has much more monster types like psx spectre, nightmare spectre, dog. Thing and decorative types like particle fountains and polyobjects.

    3. Has its own mapinfo and decorate lump called EDF. Not sure if second one will work with eternity vanilla format, needs test for me. 

    4. Eternity in doom has most of the boom actions, so those conveyors and monster teleporter closets are possible.  

    5. Portals are less pain to setup than in gzdoom in udmf. 


    What I missed in that port:

    1. Internal midi support, like fluidsynth or timidity or even opl3 simulation. Not much fan to rely on my computer installed midi software.


    What I need to learn:

    1. How add extra data in eternity in doom, unless I'll move to udmf to make things easier. 

    2. How 3d mid texture trick works. 

    3. How png textures work in port. 


    I don't what to say more. I'm quite pleased to try mapping for this port, it has the most things what people want have for prboom+. I'll share map after week or two if mapper's block won't hit me. 

    P.s I'm not much of expert, just casual user and mapper. 

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      I think the 3d midtex is simply a linedef flag, no? So I guess you pretty much need your editor to support Eternity. There are configurations on the Internet. 

    2. Misty


      Well, I use gzdoom builder bugfix and it has 3dmidtex thing. I meant, that I need to test it in practice on the map.