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Everything posted by Misty

  1. Dying next to soulsphere/megasphere or any other health item.
  2. Time from time I'm playing Faster Than Light. I've got my first victory few days ago, it was really nice feel.
  3. Misty

    I have a website I would like to share

    To be honest, people are tired to be op personal deciphers to understand what he writes and how to respond. Like, every time then I open up his threads, I need to reread what he says several times, it's damn exhausting. I'm not native english speaker, but I put effort in my posts to be understood, even if sometimes it reads like thought rain.
  4. Misty

    Positivity Thread

    I don't know what to say, but I hope you're going to have a good day and may things work in your favour.
  5. Misty

    first 2 times posting on doomer baords and i get this

    I took quick glance at the threads to see if here's really some sort of attack or something like that, but here's none. He simply told you just think about more about how you design levels in really straight and blunt manner, even if this approach isn't the best for my eyes. It's not mapping format or modding issue. "Flat" might refer that here's so little height differences or encounters are sameish. "Boxy" might mean you still draw squares and long af corridors without trying more interesting shapes. Same with lighting, like there might not darker or lighter areas to have some contrast. Just trying to make sense of all this thing, sorry...
  6. Misty

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Testing some ideas around...
  7. Misty

    How to make a good hell map?

    He could simply switch to boom too for more extended vanilla things and animations.
  8. Misty

    Fireblu2 is the better fireblu texture.

    If here's Fireblu1 and Fireblu2, where's Fireblu3 and Fireblu4?
  9. Misty

    What Pet Do You Have?

    I own dog and two cats, life never gets boring and they all 3 bring me some happiness during hard days. Ps. Why this thread is in doom general place?
  10. Well, as for now I use Mima the evil spirit from pc-98 era Touhou, too bad she was scrapped in later entries.
  11. This paragraph reminded me that "p*ta" in my native language simply means "foam", once I told that to my Spanish speaking friend and he just burst into laughing and afterwards told me that I don't want to say that in Spanish speaking countries and public places. As for myself, I only curse and swear if things don't work as intended - mostly in russian, polish and english, mixing them up in incomprehensible mix of swears.
  12. Weirdly, annoying way animated cat or mouse...
  13. Misty

    I need ideas for level starts

    You can always start with start/end slipgate or teleporter to give map some uniformity like in Plutonia Experiment or if I take modern example - Valiant. From here you could plan how entire start area will look like.
  14. Here's visible different sky square on the left side, you want fix it by adding new sky transfer with tag that sector uses. It's not really game breaking but it looks a bit odd.
  15. Misty

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    It feels nice to kick creative block and focus on what I love the most...
  16. I tend to believe that this one is slime trail, here's link to read from wiki page: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Slime_trail Unless I'm proven wrong.
  17. First of all, if wad with virus inside would be uploaded in idgames, it first would infect idgames maintainers computers as they check wads from any suspicious lumps, if you comply with upload rules and iwad stuff(even if it's funny to be rejected, because of poison sign in your level), then they would just reject it and scan their computers from any virus, idk if entire archive would be checked too. That's how I imagine things.
  18. Tall vampire goth girlfriend they are talking about these days...
  19. Misty

    Tips on making wads.

    Start from here, it helped me a lot when I was new and fresh in doom mapping and designing.
  20. Misty

    Why i hate using source ports

    Wait, people are using source ports these days???? I thought that you're supposed to execute and play doom using your brainwaves and stuff.