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  1. So, it seems one year passed already when I first time registered here, in this forum. So many things changed in my life, starting from college stuff and ending with mapping preferences. I know, it's not big deal for other people, but for me it's big step. I still remember how I showed my first map to only get criticized. I'm not angry at this point, I feel it was good thing. I hope, next year will be nice too as this one ;) 

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    2. Myst.Haruko


      I remember that too. I don't know who caused this even at this day. Maybe it was due to internet provider changes. Well, I hope it won't repeat again, because I'll be sad :'')

    3. GarrettChan


      @YukiRaven"Not as mainstream" is a better choice I think since "outcast" is a little bit too strong. Probably this is very similar to that I always like to say I like to be the minority. For example, I don't like those everyday cellphone games or easy games, and I tend to pick the highest difficulty if it's playable for me. Also, I tend to consider thinking is a very exciting procedure, not an exhausting procedure. People usually like to say I'm too tired to think, but stamina and brain power are two separate things to me. I may too tired to move around, but I usually won't be too tired to think.

    4. GarrettChan


      Oh, forgot to say, I'll eventually get into mapping too, but I guess it's not recently though. At that time, you'll be my senpai and sensei ;P