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  1. @cryosabre You're not only one who had/has this username. Don't be ridiculous. There are so many people and here always is chance that username could be same as yours.
  2. Nattväsen is a killer track for me, music is kind of calming in weird way.
  3. Dehacked and it's variations is still widely used for automap name replacements, sprite swaps, story screens and such. It didn't go away and it won't go. Valiant is perfect example for dehacked(or bex, not sure) usage.
  4. Name: Uninspired Build time:Beyond two hour limits Midi: Binding of Isaac - My Innermost Apocalypse by Danny Baranowsky(of course in midi format, I don't know who arranged that, got few years ago) Resources: cc4-tex, zoon tex(I don't know, I didn't merge resources, wasn't sure about it) Themes: Berserk, tried to add few red textures Well, I hope this will be accepted. EDIT: included quick bugfixes and changed some sectors a bit. uninspired
  5. Bumping into this thread to tell that finally I've solved all uploading issues and other things with compilation. Thank you all who participated in this fourth session. Feel free play, rate and do demos. I'll update op too with this link. Most likely, we'll return on April. I still need think about that.
  6. Winter, you're beautiful...





    1. Agent6


      Oh yes indeed, one of the main reasons for why winter is my favorite season, save for the occasional bloodchilling temperatures.


      The first and last picture kick ass.

    2. Myst.Haruko


      I love dead silence on winter season, especially on the nights. Even dogs don't bark around that time. Sadly, snow here quickly melts because I live near sea. 

    3. Agent6


      Same, but the silence of the night works for me as well, no more people talking or shouting, empty streets with barely any cars running or humans walking, and so on, the only sounds I want to hear is the wind blowing and howls, the latter not happening very often.


      I haven't seen much snow here in my city either. It lasted for about a week or two back in January and another one in December after a few days of short but heavy snowing when the temperatures have reached negative values and stayed there for a while, going as low as -15 degrees from what I recall, but once the bone chilling temperatures were gone so was the snow and I've seen nothing since. I'll see what happens in March, that's when winter truly unleashes itself here for a couple of years.

  7. Lots of cool stuff is here.
  8. Beyond Reality, here link
  9. Playing Unholy Realms. I liked it, found it quite inspirational. I'm on map 11-12( I don't remember exactly which map number it is).
  10. Well, I'm 21 years old and at this autumn I'll be 22 years old. I'm still feeling like I'm still 16 years old. How time flies fast, heck.
  11. Drowning into vaporwawe zone