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  1. Thanks to _mental_, the Vulkan backend actually does support Metal via a thin translation layer known as MoltenVK. This is all built-in, so the user doesn't really have to do anything. Why it crashes on his M1 Mac I have no idea though.
  2. The first issue here can essentially be drilled down to the classic "I don't want the features I don't need" bloat complaint that any larger product receives. I have added features to GZDoom that I wish I could remove again, but every time I have mentioned maybe we should do that, there's practically always someone that really likes the feature. That's why the bloat doesn't get removed - each feature is liked by someone. Your list of bloat features is different from the next guy's list. The second issue is simply not what ZDoom and its family of source ports ever tried to do. Boom sort of emerged as a standard in Doom modding only really because half the ports following this standard emerged from Boom itself. Restricting yourself to that standard has its pros and cons, as most modders will probably agree. There's plenty of excellent boom compatible source ports out there, so the solution here is pretty simple: switch to a source port that fits your needs, if these are indeed your primary needs. It isn't really GZDoom's fault if some mods chose differently and actually wanted GZDoom's features. Then there's the optimization issue. This is a matter of perspective. Modders generally like their mods to look the way they did when they created it, so any optimization for GZDoom comes with the huge caveat that it shouldn't break existing mods. I could design a "BSP-less" version of GZDoom in like 10 minutes, but it would also render half the GZDoom mods wrongly. Most GZDoom users would rather have lower performance with backwards compatibility, than speed. That is why GZDoom doesn't just fix its speed. It is actually quite fast for something that uses the rendering strategy that it has. Any further improvement requires a ton of work that so far has been too much for it to happen. Don't take our word for it though - it is an open source project that welcomes pull requests improving the performance, if it is such a simple thing to do.
  3. dpJudas

    Heretic HD PBR mod help

    You can improve the performance of a pk3 by extracting it and zipping it again. Except this time you tell the zip tool to store all entries as uncompressed. That way the .pk3 becomes a simple container for the files and you no longer pay for the deflate of the data when it load things. You will get a much larger pk3 this way of course, so it is a trade off between file size and performance.
  4. You don't need a G-Sync monitor to get adaptive vsync. Any freesync monitor will do. DisplayPort standardized on freesync some years ago, which forced Nvidia to support that as well. The g-sync logo and chip only provide some marginal benefits now (supposedly, better image quality). Most of the monitors with a gsync module come with a fan, which actually makes me try to avoid them.
  5. When you run the nvidia installer there is a setting where you can request a clean install. That will reset everything back to baseline. I have experienced a situation where the information displayed in the nvidia control panel was out of sync with what the driver was actually doing. It could be what you are experiencing here as well. Generally speaking, you should be very careful using the nvidia control panel overrides. A lot of them are built on assumptions about the game engines that may not always be true. If you can find the setting inside a game it is always better to enable it from there.
  6. It is possible that what you are experiencing wasn't actually anything you changed in Raze. In fact, it is fairly likely it isn't since you say it also affected GZDoom. Although they do share code the config files are not shared. How did you enable antialiasing? From the settings inside Raze? Your dxdiag shows you have a 3070 - you should be able to enable every single heavy feature in Raze/GZDoom and have a perfectly smooth experience with that card. What about other games? Are they still running perfectly fine? Are the GPU and CPU temperatures okay when you run Raze/GZDoom? Did you try reboot? Windows 11 got this "amazing" feature that it doesn't shut down your computer when you select shut down. Only reboot from the start menu actually restarts the OS now.
  7. That's exactly why I objected to this description of the GZDoom project. Graf is the author of a lot of big important stuff, but trust me, if you removed all the other contributors from that list you'd get a quite gimped version of what GZDoom has become today.
  8. I would personally not waste time on anything related to this subject until I've gotten a positive confirmation before starting that such a PR would actually be approved. Lets not pretend anything related to this subject is really blocked by lack of developers willing to do changes. No. See https://github.com/ZDoom/gzdoom/graphs/contributors - these stats aren't even that accurate as it doesn't fully show the contributions of early ZDoom and GZDoom. Graf is the author of a lot of things and has done a ton of work, but saying the port has a single primary developer is IMHO not accurate at all.
  9. I'm not Graf, so this is just a guess. I think it boils down to him not wanting to change the default. He likes the filtered look. This isn't the first time it was brought up and it probably won't be last either. The way I look at it is that the source port author ultimately have the final call on what he wants into his port. Same as a mod author. As an extension of that, the port author also controls what the defaults are and what the source port is about. The only thing contributors can do about it is to threaten to fork - that's how open source works. That's also why I only joke about checksums - I can think a mod does something stupid, but I'm not going to try control what they did. As the author they ultimately had to right to do what they did (as long as it doesn't break any laws). If you're going to ask me next why I haven't forked GZDoom over the filtering, then that's because there's pros and cons with doing a fork. The filtering default on its own isn't enough for me to be willing to do all the extra work involved in running a source port. Keep in mind if I did a hostile fork like that then that would also mean Graf would stop contributing to my hobby. Open source development has always been a compromise unless you work alone.
  10. I'm not Graf. That's all I have to say to that. :)
  11. You do know I was joking, right? I have a feeling you're pulling my leg now. :p
  12. Haha, I didn't know KDIKDIZD did that. I tried that mod in Eternity actually. :)
  13. We could even bundle that mod with the engine and automatically apply it when the checksum matches. :D On a more serious note, most users faced with the problem would probably just do like Kinsie said and decide this mod wasn't for them.
  14. While I understand your frustration, keep in mind that most players using freelook know that this makes the game easier and wasn't in the original. They have chosen to experience your mod this way, whether you like it or not. In same manner as anotak has the right to abuse every bug in the engine, he should also respect the player to use his creation any way they want to. My language was maybe a bit harsh in the first post, but I don't think my point of view is wrong. By spamming the player on every launch, his mod does not respect the player the way I see it. If he's allowed to dictate how they should use his creation, then I too by logical extension have the right to block use of my creation (parts of GZDoom) in any way I don't like.
  15. In a similar manner I could be tempted to use checksums to block author mods that I don't like. Lucky we all mature enough not to use such tactics, right? :)