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  1. dentine

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    this isn't really an unpopular opinion, but the regressive left, which includes the terror org antifa and the racist anti-police hate movement known as BLM, have become increasingly violent and may eventually start a civil war in the US.
  2. dentine

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    that is an issue with leveling and upgrade systems in level based games in general, they lock abilities that characters realistically should already have such as moves, and makes the character overpowered in earlier levels.
  3. dentine

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    Not everything is political including movies, and science fiction does include apolitical media, only extremists think otherwise.
  4. dentine

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    true, random scribbling like the stuff done by kids is not considered art unless there is something else, though shitty art does exist.
  5. dentine

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    Ghostbusters 2016 doesn't have much political crap, but it was generally considered unfaithful, bland, unoriginal, and disrespectful to the franchise. Plus the female reboot fad is directly connected to the regressive left and therefore a good indicator of bad quality. The problems with the star wars franchise started with Disney's Force Awakens having bad writing which included a story with rehashed elements from a new hope, and Rey being a mary sue who was likely written that way due to regressive leftism. The situation got worse with the films after that getting more regressive leftist subtext and propaganda shoehorned in. Star Wars was completely apolitical before Disney bought it and the regressive leftists started raping it, and claims to the contrary are just bullshit used by regressive leftists who claim everything is political due to their irrational extremist ideology. We have seen this crap in other media such as the comics industry, movies, and also gaming, with the post old blood wolfenstein games being huge examples.
  6. dentine

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    I agree, no one should listen to the regressive leftists as they believe that anything that does not comply with their extremist ideology is bigoted, and taking any advice from them will ruin the product with extremist bullshit. They make shitty writers who are only able to make token characters, mary sue's, and stawmen. They don't even believe in the mary sue concept as they falsely believe it's sexist bullshit despite the fact it's gender neutral. They would rather put their shit in pre-existing franchises than create original content as it's not only easier, but it also saturates pop culture with their deluded ideology, which is literally one of it's objectives. The regressive left care more about establishing their extremist ideology "intersectionalism" than anything else including fact, and falsely believe any opposition to said ideology is illegitimate and originates from bigotry rather than logic and reason. I have noticed you mentioned Syria, and should mention the regressive left obsessively deny the fact that most of the problems in the middle east can be traced back to Islam itself, which is racist, sexist, and homophobic, and is considered by it's critics to be the worlds largest unrecognized cult.