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  1. I was going to make a post about my birthday here today, the 20th....which is also my age now without the th --> 20. Thought it was best to freshen up on the forum policies and I saw this:

    Liam, the strict moderator said:

    birthday blogs. from now on, if you must make them, try to make them substantial. share with us the fun shit you did for the occasion, or just blog about something unrelated and mention it at the end.

    this is not an iron mandate. it just weirds me out how you crazies feel the need to post just to remind the rest of us that you're aging.

    Uh oh! This means I can't make a birthday post or the strict forum police will execute me at dawn :(
    I guess I'll have to make it about something else entirely. I could, of course, also write a little about the cool things I did today. Well, I didn't do much cool stuff yet, it's only 10:19 in the morning here. I did get Lost Highway on DVD, though ^_^
    Any idea on how I could camouflage this birthday thread?

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      This Cake Does not contain any Impsex.

    3. Bucket


      *washes out brain with soap*

    4. DooMBoy


      Merry Birthday or something along those lines

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