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  1. alowe

    FRAGHOLM - Single Level Map

    Thanks for the positive feedback. That makes it worth it as it was just sitting there collecting electronic dust on my hard drive. The map is shorter than I'd like it to be. I just ran out of ideas and wanted to get onto the next map, but I put quite a lot of effort into the look of it. If someone wants to expand it or incorporate it into their own map, go ahead. I'm not a copyright prude. PS, it's possible to die in the map and yet still finish it. My only map that does that. But if you died you'd start the next map with 50 bullets and a gun, like a restart.
  2. alowe

    FRAGHOLM - Single Level Map

    Edited I only mentioned other ports because someone once tested one of my maps with Boom and said it worked fine. Perhaps they did something to make it work. I'll avoid mentioning other ports again. And you can't judge gameplay by the editor any more than you can judge a book by it's cover. Just saying. Enjoy it if you ever try it.
  3. Found this lying around. The WAD it was for never got finished, but it's a nice little map. Now you can try it. Requires Doom2.WAD and tested with ZDoom and probably doesn't work with other ports even though it has no MAPINFO lump. All difficulty settings are the same but it's tested on Ultra-Violence. Fragholm.ZIP - 488kb MAP 09
  4. alowe

    MEGAWAD - Eye of Doom

    MAP07 Fixed previously mentioned design flaw in which it was possible to get all three powerups when it was only intended you can get one. Now you're forced to choose which one to get and which other two to sacrifice. MAP08 Fixed one of the portals that was too dark on it's surface. That's all the bugs I could find so far in maps 01 to 12 which are all the maps of EOD 1 (the first half of the megawad). If there are any further bugs, it's up to players to find them. At some point I will do another complete test of maps 13 to 24, but it's better to leave it a while so I forget how they're done and are more likely to play in an unintended style. The Google Drive link has been changed to a directory, so that it stays the same even after updates are made. I'll add another video continuing from MAP01, hopefully with better quality. And here it is: Just ignore the black screen after 12:54. I forgot to stop recording. I tried to improve the quality but OBS crashed and then got a BSOD. So, for now, this is what there is. The few green flashes are when OBS runs out of juice to record, so you know it's at the computer's limit. If you find the maze confuses you, then that's what it's supposed to do. But it's actually quite small.
  5. Thanks for breaking that down. I was tempted to figure it out but was too lazy, haha. Although flipping the linedefs will change the direction they're facing, if the editor has decided that they're impassable (even though the sector was drawn inside another sector), then you'd need the make the sector you drew (and perhaps also remake the sector it's inside), then take a note of the inside and outside sector indexes and manually enter those indexes into the appropriate linedef front and back references. Now I think about it, if the editor thinks any part of the sector you're drawing intersects sector 0 (zero) then it can make all the linedefs impassable and one sided, because it's assuming you're drawing in an unedited area (open space). That's why you also need to remake the surrounding sector and fix the issue with that before drawing new sectors inside it. Then those sectors will be double sided and passable no matter if they're drawn clockwise or anticlockwise. What I suspect happens is: 1) there's a glitchy sector with an unshown sector intersecting it. 2) You paste or draw a new sector inside this glitchy sector. 3) The editor sees that part of your new sector intersects sector 0 (zero) or some other sector that is unshown. 4) It therefore assumes that your new sector is in open space, and therefore the outside of that sector is considered impassable. 5) Therefore the lindefs are set as one sided and the index of the outside sector is allocated to one direction of the linedefs only. 6) Resulting in exactly what is shown in AOJgames' screengrabs. The solution is to: 1) If the sector you just drew that has unintentional impassable lindefs is simple and easy to redraw, just delete it. 2) Whether or not you delete it the problem is in the sector you're drawing in. So remake that sector (not redraw, just do a make sector on it). 3) If that doesn't fix the problem then try retracing the sector you're trying to draw into to get the editor to reinterpret and remove the unshown sector removing the glitch. 4) If that doesn't work then check the vertices on the lindefs of the sector you're drawing into. Make sure when you pull them away they're still stitched to the lindefs. If not then restitch them by moving them away, releasing, and then moving them back again to trigger the editor to stitch them. 5) If that doesn't work then go around each linedef of the sector you're drawing into and flip it once and back again to make sure there isn't another linedef hidden within it. If there is then delete one of the duplicate linedefs. This might mean you have to do a make sector on adjoining sectors if the editor turns them into sector 0. 6) Even if all that doesn't work, just redraw your sector inside as before, or if you didn't delete it leave it as it is. Then do a make sector operation inside that one (whether you redrew it or not). 7) Note down the sector index of the surrounding sector. Note down the sector index of the sector you just drew. 8) Select all the linedefs of the sector you're drawing, and making sure they all have the same orientation relative to the sector you just drew, manually enter in the appropriate sector indexes for each linedef direction. 9) If that still doesn't fix it there's a more serious problem. At this point I tend to undo my actions back to the last point where the glitch didn't exist and failing that load a previous save that doesn't have the glitch and finally, failing all that deleting or redrawing in place all the sectors affected by the glitch until the glitch is removed. Once you get used to fixing this stuff you somehow learn to avoid making the actions that cause these glitches and they happen less often. That's why it's a bit hard for me to remember what causes them, because it's been a while since I've seen one. Note: Just manually fixing the issue for the sector you've drawn won't necessarily resolve the glitch that caused the problem. It won't remove duplicated lindefs. It won't restitch floating vertices. And it won't necessarily resolve any mismatched linedef sector index references. That's why I think it's worth totally blitzing the problem so that it's completely fixed, rather than just fudging it and leaving a mod that is unstable.
  6. Hmm, maybe this is a feature of GZDB as I don't get that behaviour in DB2. That's one of the most difficult glitches to fix, because it can only be deduced and not seen (unless you know how to interpret it in a hex editor). Another way I fix these is redrawing the linedefs over the top of the existing linedefs of the surrounding sector. That sometimes fixes mismatches where make sector fails. If vertices get disconnected they can be restitched by moving them away and then back to their original position. I think a lot of these problems are caused by copying and pasting sectors. The editor has to figure out what the sector indexes should be for each linedef and sometimes it makes a mistake, for example if you paste a sector into an area that overlaps more than one sector. It might be obvious to you what should go where because you know the overall context of the area you're building, but that's hard for a programmer to deduce ahead of time and sometimes they're forced to make assumptions. So, I have about 5 or 6 methods to fix this problem. Even then sometimes it doesn't work and the only solution is to delete and do it again. That's why I save often.
  7. alowe

    help a beginner out here man!

    Sigh, I suppose I should give it a try. There really is no excuse...
  8. alowe

    help a beginner out here man!

    Lol, I know, people been telling me not to use DB2 for years, but it is my adopted lovechild :D So, if I wanted to script in Doom 2, do I select a different game configuration, like Hexen, then select Doom2.WAD as the resource?
  9. I don't use make mode to draw sectors. I use it to get the editor to "refresh" a sector that's already been drawn. This often fixes mismatches between the sector indexes on linedefs with a single click :o)
  10. alowe

    What are you playing now?

    Taking a break after developing the Eye of Doom MEGAWAD. Must have averaged about 5 hours a day every day for a month and I need a break. Tried out Hexen for the first time but for some reason it makes me travel sick. Doom doesn't have that effect on me. Was still really interesting to go through all the options that Hexen opens up in the editor like polygon objects and the direction of falling leaves. I like the ambience, just wish I could play it without puking :o(
  11. alowe

    help a beginner out here man!

    As far as I know you can't script in Doom 2. Not sure if this can be got around. I use DB2 and when selecting Doom 2 as the game type, the ACS scripting button is removed from the menu.
  12. That reminds me that sometimes "making" the sector surrounding it and the sector you just drew sometimes fixes the problem. I'm not sure if GZDB has a make mode, but that's how I sometimes fix this issue in DB2.
  13. AJOgames, only idea I have is when you draw the sector to change from clockwise to anticlockwise (or visa versa) so that the front side of the linedefs are on the outside of the shape when it's drawn. Maybe the editor is making an assumption about the back side of the linedefs which is making them impassible. And this will certainly fix the problem, but it would be nice to avoid it in the first place. This also happens to me sometimes with Doom Builder 2. I just undo and try it again reversing the clockwise/anticlockwise order I drew it. Or if it was a difficult shape to draw and I don't want to do it again, fix it like Aquila Chrysaetos describes. Whatever works the quickest.
  14. alowe

    MEGAWAD - Eye of Doom

    Yes, and that's probably what will break the whole mod, because of the bloody hard to find secret switches. Of course, I know where they all are because I put them there (usually exactly where they are in the old game). And that would have set you free from that closed area (from two possible exits). I may have to edit all of them to make them more obvious. But I wanted to keep the genuinely secret nature of secret switches too. Example: A bloody hard to see hidden switch. And the only way I can think people might find these when trapped is if they check the automap: If this breaks the experience I am willing to edit these secret switches to make them more obvious. Will see what people say. I'm easy either way. Lol, this is turning into a collaboration :o) Edit: Woot! Made a video for the first time and it works! If anyone knows a way to get better quality, please let me know. Using OBS on an old laptop without a gfx card, so options are software only.
  15. alowe

    MEGAWAD - Eye of Doom

    Urgh, must has tested this a hundred times but after a rerun of MAP01 to MAP12 have found a few things that needed fixing. Have re-uploaded and updated the link in the OP. As a side note, if anyone is struggling to find the hidden areas, you can refer to the original EOB maps, if you can find them online, that is :o) Most secrets should show up on the automap, if you're paying attention. Fixes: (fixes will only be reflected in EODMEGA.ZIP for now) MAP03 In the area known as "The Museum", hid a load of traps that shouldn't be visible from the automap. MAP04 In the area where the Backpack is, lowered the floors of the hidden ammo to prevent them being visible from some angles. Made one of the doors leading to the portal openable from both sides (was just one side before). Removed two stray vertices that were doing nothing. MAP12 Added block monster to an existing linedef to make it easier. Note, this map is meant to be hard as it was the last map of EOD.WAD before it was merged. To complete it you may have to plan a strategy that conserves certain ammo types for the final fight. Todo: MAP07 There's a design flaw in the area with the 3 way choice between 3 powerups that needs to be rethought. It's possible to collect all three when it should only be possible to collect one. If it's done the unintended way this causes some minor HOMs. One of the portals is missing a 255 brightness for the surface sector.