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  1. nrofl

    Texturing tricks with vanilla textures

    Amazing thread idea DOORHI and BIGDOOR1 can create borders of computer terminals quite well:
  2. I might be just missing it entirely but is there a boom compatible fast floor lower action?
  3. Im in a dilemma right now It seems like whenever I start a new project. I get a few days in of doing mapping and compiling resources before the interest and motivation that drove me to work on the maps in the first place completely evaporates. This has been like this for years-I could probably make a 32 map megawad with my unfinished projects. Ive tried to approach a new project in a slower way with no avail. So, what do you do to help you follow through with your projects? Have you had a similar issues in the past? Let me know!
  4. nrofl

    Do you do any drugs?

    Zoloft 150mg Abilify 4mg I smoke socially and dont drink (Alcoholic family). Have done LSD and whippets (N2O).
  5. nrofl

    new dehacked mod

    I think at least a video of the gameplay changes mentioned would be nice
  6. nrofl

    Script error (wrong subforum)

    put this in the editing questions thread
  7. nrofl

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    This will never be finished. It doesnt look great to begin with
  8. nrofl

    DeHackEd question

    Hello Are the actions from doom2 available to be implemented into Ultimate Doom? Like can I have an enemy that has a mancubus attack for an enemy in ultimate doom?
  9. nrofl

    What are you playing now?

    Currently am playing Struggle, and damn is it fun! A lot of really fun encounters with great level design and visuals behind it. I am currently on map11 and am looking forward to make some time to finish the wad
  10. nrofl

    Abandoned Subspace

    Okay I have a myriad of questions: Why do the railgunners 1 shot you? Why does the dog enemy have a ton of health? Why is there a hidden plasma gunner behind a fake wall? Why is there seemingly no exit to the level? I take it this is one of your first projects. Consider things like enemy placement and map design in your next project. I cant necessarily say I enjoyed this, but please dont take that as discouraging, if anything see this as a way to improve in the future :)
  11. nrofl

    Abandoned Subspace

    Tried to give this a runthrough and literally couldnt get past the first sector.
  12. nrofl


    That or snipping tool if your on windows
  13. nrofl

    DeHackEd bug

    Thats exactly what it was. Thank you
  14. nrofl

    DeHackEd bug

    Hello. I was recently testing out a new DeHackEd enemy that Im making. It works completely fine until I shoot the enemy with a rocket launcher. For whatever reason it doesnt go to its explode state and instead goes to its pain state before coming completely invincible. Any fix to this issue?
  15. Nice thread! I think if you update the original post instead of posting every time you have an update would make the thread more concise.
  16. nrofl

    Share Your Sprites!

    Quite proud of this one. Its a toy gun I photographed