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Everything posted by nrofl

  1. back if anyone cared

  2. nrofl

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  3. nrofl

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A classic custom enemy
  4. I need that wad link, it looks amazing. And my pick would be a railgun
  5. Glad I had a chance to get to know you better and work with you. I hope the best for you first and foremost but I also hope that one day youll return. Until then though take it easy!
  6. nrofl

    Post your Doom textures!

    Paint.net is more than capable. Most textures i make I have to tinker with the original image more, but usually overlay blending works extremely well.
  7. nrofl

    Post your Doom textures!

    Okay, I'm done with spamming Marble - Ive just had so much fun making them!
  8. nrofl

    Post your Doom textures!

    I made some more marble textures, I think they went over quite well:
  9. nrofl

    What are you listening to?

    I listen to a ton, heres a small variety
  10. nrofl

    Post your Doom textures!

    Heres some Marble windows. I actually have the most fun making textures, maybe one of these days Ill start compiling them.
  11. That bottom section looks very interesting
  12. nrofl

    Share Your Sprites!

    Light Machine Gun, credit me please! (Creds to Id and Monolith)
  13. I'd really definitely read this. Also I'd probably credit elend for the picture you used.
  14. Ive always found the power of MIDTEX usage to help detail areas from above. You could also do hanging decoration pieces (Just spitballing ideas I havent seen anyone else talk about here)
  15. Tics are counted in games far older than doom so I dont really care, Wolf3D speedruns are counted to the tic for example
  16. nrofl

    Share Your Sprites!

    A while ago I posted some rocket launcher sprites which looked pretty rough, I got bored and tuned them up and put em into a sprite sheet, they are palletted to doom's pallete
  17. nrofl

    Share Your Sprites!

    its a start
  18. I’d say the title music from Equinox
  19. nrofl

    Do you guys even lift?

    I do, I’m no physical phenom but I would consider myself pretty well built. If you don’t happen to lift, I would recommend you try it out. The amount of self confidence you gain after even the first week of lifting is huge. Also if you happen to be only able to bench/squat a 45lb barbell and your afraid to lift in fear of people in the gym thinking your coming off as weak. Don’t. I can guarantee you 95% of the people there genuinely don’t care. Some random people will even be excited that someone has gotten into the hobby.
  20. nrofl

    Boom format question

    Howdy. Simple question here. How do I make killing an enemy in UltiDoom in Boom format open a door? I tried opening up E1M8 for reference but there doesnt seem to be anything in there that could help me find a definitive answer.
  21. nrofl

    Boom format question

    I’m sorry can you be a little more specific