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Posts posted by nrofl

  1. 31 minutes ago, Xaser said:

    The answer to #1 is "technically no, but practically yes" -- Vesper uses MBF21, which adds a bunch of new flexible dehacked codepointers. Ports that support MBF21 (e.g. dsda-doom, gzdoom, eternity, woof) also support DEHEXTRA (and its infinite-length successor, DSDHacked) -- so you get both. ;)

    Great! How would i create these practical actions?

  2. Ok I have 2:


    1. Can you make custom actions with dehextra? I see in vesper how the shotguns work and it looks like their firing projectiles with a custom action.


    2. If yes to no 1, would a ROTT flamewall attack be possible?



  3. 55 minutes ago, ak47fu2 said:

    Don't take this as the "official" rule but from what I have seen yes but people will likely not reply or tell you to make them yourself.

    I think the main place to do this is through an artists dms for commission. I payed for an M_DOOM graphic not too long ago at that went very smoothly.