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Status Updates posted by Marlamir

  1. It's been 3 years since i joined this forum and except just playing i finally start to make maps as well. Back then when i saw some of the creations of the community i want it to make something for my favourite game too but was scared and thought i will never be able to do even simple maps. 3 years past and from the day i decide to f*ck myself and do the first step i feel like i made huuge progress since day one and it's thanks to you guys as well. You've been supportive and gave some amazing help that boost me a lot because tha fact i have pretty bad memory i will never be where i'm now. I steel feel like a begginner sometimes but even i no longer have as much free time as i have before i'm ready to make some more progress. Thank you guys for the help you gave me throughout the time :)

  2. When Jimmy post his Deathless megawad i was really impressed that someone can made actuall megawad in just month and wanted to try it too but was afraid that i will burned out cause of my creativity and experience. Now i'm here ready to face the challenge and see what i can do. Because of my lack of free time i will give myself 1day spent/1map rule and hope i will not burned out :)

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    2. Marlamir


      Thank you DoomKid very much.  Yeah idea/creativity is going to be huge challenge for me especialy, big thumbs up here to Jimmy in this one. I'm afraid im going to be dry after few maps as well.

    3. MidnightMage


      Best of luck! I tried to do a full 32 maps in a month and oh my god did I lose motivation. Jimmy actually did a great write up on keeping motivated and planning ahead to create a full set. I think the best bet is to start small and not burn out, while designing gargantuan maps. Anyways, just keep at it and you'll surely accomplish more than you started with :P

    4. Marlamir


      Thanks a lot Voltcom.

  3. So i fall to "i'm bad wit words" hole again and i thinking what could be good and fitting name for my egypt/exotic themed megavad but i'm not really came up with something so far. I have few ideas but idk what to choose: Shadoof, Rise of anubis, ExAnubis   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do you think?

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    2. Marlamir


      Realm of Anubis was the current pick until i start to investigate different words so not really that one. I still think that Rise of Anubis sounds the best and you guys like it as well so i think i will choose this one.  Also The Sands of Doom, Demons of DeNile and Reign of Anubis sounds pretty cool i think they can be great pick for levels names.

    3. Doom_Dude


      Sounds good Marlamir. :D

    4. Marlamir


      Thanks to you guys as well ;)

  4. This shit will never get old :D


  5. Since this is going to be my last visit in 2018 i want to say merry christmas to all of you and happy new year full of great stuff. 

  6. So the Blue-Ray release date for bohemian rhapsody movie was finally set. With the fact i don't going to have time for cinema it will be hard to wait till february. Was hoping for december but whatever.

  7. I just realized that yesterday was 2 years since i join this forum. Time fly so fast. Wooho.

  8. So...summer is fully over and winter is coming. Well at least there is this thing called christmas where family and friends spending time together.  Summer, i will be waiting for you...

  9. Does someone know about good hd textures mod for diablo 2 i can use?

  10. My 2 weeks family trip ended up that i got sunstroke. I starting to lose my love with summer because of this extreme weather. What a beautiful ending :D

  11. Yea, My map is going slowly to finish. Looking forward to show it in sunday. Hope you will like the map.


  12. Last version of GzDB have not enough and its still giving me no sense bug. This for example happen when i paste texture on wall:


    All sectors around got connected together and i spent last 2 days only by fixing bugs :( . Looks like i will switch back to original 2.3 version. Why its this happening to me.

    1. riderr3


      Tried to see wad backups? GZDB stored backups if you know. Also with "M" key you can make new sectors in cases like this.

    2. Marlamir


      Yes i know about wad backcups but i not use them because i will lost few hours of work from last saves. I need to save more often, thank you for your reply.

  13. Doom mapping is beautiful...

    1127029549_MAP01(editarea)at2018_06.1319-58-14.580R3030.jpg.56a831b461ccc793f3557cca24a95706.jpg MAP01.jpg.12fd5b7ca5c295b3306373a0613dbda3.jpg

    1. Memfis


      unclosed sector?

    2. Marlamir


      Nope all sectors was properly closed. That's what happened when i curved few linedefs at once, whole map goes nuts.

  14. Well, this is disturbing...


  15. After more than year i starting to make maps again. which is awesome but the problem is that i have complete block :D I feal like i forget everything i learned. is going to take a while until i move forward.Screenshot_Doom_20180507_235240.png.78ee85d60db39ebc90f6e34a46febeda.png

  16. What is this "account locked" thing? i was trying to sign in but it show me that my account is locked and i should try again in 14 minutes instead.

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    2. Marlamir


      only 1 time, the second time i put correct password but its show me that my account is locked. Few times i put accidentally 2-3 times wrong password because im idiot but didnt experience this. Did doomworld have wrong password/day limit?

    3. Linguica


      There is some lockout if you put in a wrong password, but I don't recall the exact rules for it.

    4. Marlamir


      Thats okay. thank you for your answer.

  17. Is there some skilled mapper who can give me some advice? I want to improve my level layout drawing skills because i feel like this is my biggest weaknes right now. what is some effective way how to achieved that? 

    p.s. im not good in drawing overral :)

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    2. Marlamir


      As i promise, here is example of my one drawn layout. Notes are blurred because of spoilers and sorry im not good artist.


    3. Memfis


      Well, the easiest thing to criticize in your picture is that it seems like you're mainly thinking in terms of separate rooms connected by doors and small passages. This is not a popular style nowadays: people prefer seeing very interconnected layouts where borders between the locations are blurred and it's hard to say where one area ends and another one begins. E1M7 of Doom is a decent example of that: due to all the windows and relative scarcity of doors it all feels like one big system, not a series of random rooms. Maybe you could imitate it by filling the empty spaces with outdoor areas or slime pools or whatever. Try to tie everything together, make the player believe that there is a logic to this place.

    4. Marlamir


      Thank you very much for your feedback. I was thinking about the "interconnected" level design system for some time too but i didn't care much back then. It seems like this is the right way i should continue. i'm thinking what is best way to learn this style, maybe half life 1 and quake 1-2 even those map are mostly "3D styled" i think its good way how to start. In your oppinion, what are good wads i should take a look and learn something from them?

  18. Your avatar giving me so many memories from childhood :D

  19. Any Queen fan out there?

    I'm not much active here because i working on my own Live wembley 86 version. No overdubing or or something and bitt more in my version.Looking forward to finish the project today and release tommorow.

    1. Teivman


      Yeah. I like Queen.

    2. Marlamir


      If you interest: Here is link for the project with download links


  20. What happened to my rank name please? I supposed to have member rank not green marine. Please help

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    2. Misty


      If you get a joke and code. 

    3. leodoom85


      Not blazing it? :D

    4. Marlamir


      Now i found out what this joke mean. LOL that was a good misunderstand :-D now excuse me i think i have something to do...

  21. I Love you all my dear doomers 3> 3>

  22. Doom was the first game where i met midi, music that interest me a lot. I'm allways wonder how they are made but to this day i wasn't able to find out. Today i decide that i will learn how to compose them and i hope i sucess in this. Wish me luck ;-D

  23. I'm still not sure if i should release this map or not. This is first map i did did after hellish pain wad and i'm doesn't proud for this map. What your opinion?


    1. Misty


      I noticed missing textures in the first few seconds. I hope, you'll include them all. 

    2. Marlamir


      There are tons of missing textures, but yeah if i ever finished the map i fix them all


  24. Happy scary halloween everyone


  25. Today we have great lunch... well until we found out that the meat was not chicken but pigeon... :/

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Plot twist: you used to have a pet pigeon. Keyword: used to.

    3. tourniquet


      Nothing wrong with eating pigeon, at least where i come from. They're pretty delicious especially stuffed with minced meat.

    4. Marlamir


      it's not so common here in midle europe to eat pigeon but you right @tourniquet, they not so bad but the smell and knowing you eat them is not very good.

       i would gladly prefer this way  @Ichor:-) but another guy on that outdoor markets tell us about that, well i think this was last time we was there :-)