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  1. So i was thinking how to improve myself in layout drawing and i decide to start drawing my maps on paper. I'm not very good at drawing but i glad i made this decision because i feel i'm going to make better maps and it's more fun for me. special thanks goes to 40oz how made plan map on paper tutorial 😊

    1. ShoDemo


      Yep, drawing maps on paper first helps me too. I don't have to open the editor and think of random shapes or where they will lead. I know already what I want to make and I just make corrections later, if I can think of something better.

    2. Pavera


      It's all about whatever works for you creatively. I personally don't like to plan anything ahead, instead allowing my layout to sort of build itself as I go along. Drawing a layout on paper is very restrictive for me, and it also makes it hard to re-do pieces of the layout if I suddenly decide I don't like half of it. To me, mapping for Doom is more like working with a piece of clay or marble than it is like drawing or building. You shape it, analyze it, play with it, and after a while the vision comes together before your eyes.


      Anyways, I hope you're able to spark your creativity!

    3. Marlamir


      Yeah it's depend what people prefer. i have more ideas with paper, in editor i'm out of idea quickly. But that's was really nice point with marble @Pavera