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  1. Is there some skilled mapper who can give me some advice? I want to improve my level layout drawing skills because i feel like this is my biggest weaknes right now. what is some effective way how to achieved that? 

    p.s. im not good in drawing overral :)

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    2. Marlamir


      As i promise, here is example of my one drawn layout. Notes are blurred because of spoilers and sorry im not good artist.


    3. Memfis


      Well, the easiest thing to criticize in your picture is that it seems like you're mainly thinking in terms of separate rooms connected by doors and small passages. This is not a popular style nowadays: people prefer seeing very interconnected layouts where borders between the locations are blurred and it's hard to say where one area ends and another one begins. E1M7 of Doom is a decent example of that: due to all the windows and relative scarcity of doors it all feels like one big system, not a series of random rooms. Maybe you could imitate it by filling the empty spaces with outdoor areas or slime pools or whatever. Try to tie everything together, make the player believe that there is a logic to this place.

    4. Marlamir


      Thank you very much for your feedback. I was thinking about the "interconnected" level design system for some time too but i didn't care much back then. It seems like this is the right way i should continue. i'm thinking what is best way to learn this style, maybe half life 1 and quake 1-2 even those map are mostly "3D styled" i think its good way how to start. In your oppinion, what are good wads i should take a look and learn something from them?