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  1. When Jimmy post his Deathless megawad i was really impressed that someone can made actuall megawad in just month and wanted to try it too but was afraid that i will burned out cause of my creativity and experience. Now i'm here ready to face the challenge and see what i can do. Because of my lack of free time i will give myself 1day spent/1map rule and hope i will not burned out :)

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    2. Marlamir


      Thank you DoomKid very much.  Yeah idea/creativity is going to be huge challenge for me especialy, big thumbs up here to Jimmy in this one. I'm afraid im going to be dry after few maps as well.

    3. MidnightMage


      Best of luck! I tried to do a full 32 maps in a month and oh my god did I lose motivation. Jimmy actually did a great write up on keeping motivated and planning ahead to create a full set. I think the best bet is to start small and not burn out, while designing gargantuan maps. Anyways, just keep at it and you'll surely accomplish more than you started with :P

    4. Marlamir


      Thanks a lot Voltcom.