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  1. No error message or something, it ask me if i want to download and then nothing.
  2. Don't know how others, but i can't download the file
  3. He need to love them a lot
  4. Do you have some recordings of you playing?
  5. @qweqioweuo123 duke port was canceled because google ban them in store and after that they simply stop trying. @RJ0081so im not alone who have crash problem.
  6. I just start to work with textures on "replacement" mod. I dont realise how much doom have textures :-D not much to show right now. Mod will not be vanilla or limit removing compatible
  7. This one make me laugh pretty good
  8. Few Tears show up. i still don't believe
  9. I just found game called EvoCreo. what beautiful pokemon like game
  10. hmm, looks delicious
  11. For no real reason i start to work on "replacement" mod :) . the goal is to replace guns,monsters,textures etc. after first day the wad file have 666KB :-D (no joke). I hope that mean only good. More info soon

    1. SOSU


      OK cool but with what?

    2. Mr. Trotl

      Mr. Trotl

      Guns will be replaced with new one. Same with monster,textures and other things

    3. SOSU


      no i mean with what kind they will be replaced by,what is the general theme of it?

    4. Mr. Trotl

      Mr. Trotl

      ohh :-), well there's no exact theme for weapons and monster, only textures will be set to dark mood. is pretty much replacement mod for fun purpose

    5. SOSU
  12. Few months ago i made this audio concert of queen in audacity to shorten my time in work. I think the result is not so bad so i decide to share this concert in youtube. If you want to know song list just visit youtube page directly. Hope i dont spaming and going to interest few people here If someone want original audio just let me know :)
  13. Sometimes i think, where doom will be today if carmack decide to not share the sourcecode of doom.
  14. Mostly on internet i think
  15. Don't going to bother this topic for now, so here: