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  1. Kor

    Early maps you've made.

    Thanks. Where did you find this anyway? I never uploaded it in a rar file.
  2. Kor

    Early maps you've made.

    Ah yes I had forgotten I did that. And yes I am interested in seeing it. I have forgotten so much of what PSFDoom looked like. Thanks.
  3. Kor

    Early maps you've made.

    I don't have a lot of my early work. My first few months (late 95/early 96) of making doom levels were a dismal failure, as I kept unknowingly doing things in DoomEd that the program didn't like, rendering the levels unplayable. Then when I got my hands on a newer version, I set out to replace episode 4 of Ultimate Doom. And I had all the levels in a single wad as I worked on it. And one day Doomed crashed while I was saving it. It screwed up the file completely and I had no backups. But I kept at it and created PSFDoom, replacing all four episodes. I released it in late 96 and regrettably had it deleted from the archives when I released a modified version of it called Vengeance. After PSFDoom was finished I got to work on Invasion and released that in late 96 as well. But later versions of those got uploaded and the original version was deleted from the archives. The earliest of my work that still exists can be seen among the levels of Episode Hell, which is still available for download on the archives. Some of its levels were done in the early days of my hobby. I must say I regret having my earliest work deleted from the idgames database because I didn't keep the files on my hard drive either. But my first maps featured jagged walls and lots of marble texturing with wooden floors and ceilings. Also lots of big areas and high rooms. And your early work looks much better than my early work did.
  4. Kor

    An Old Wad I Made

    Found a problem on E2M8, don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet. You have a room where you go down some stairs and the bars close behind you. You reopen the bars with the switch that opens the way to the teleporter that leads to the final area. But it's possible to trigger the closing of the teleporter bars again, before you can pass through it. This happened to me. I was stuck, and didn't know what to do. So I looked at the map in Doom Builder and saw you have multiple lines that will initially close those bars, but the switch that opens them back up can only be activated once. I would suggest somehow using one line, or assigning each of the two sets of bars to different tags and controlling them separately so this doesn't happen. And I forgot to mention it in my last post, but there's a similar problem on E1M4.
  5. Kor

    An Old Wad I Made

    Been playing it. While both episodes are good, the levels of the second episode are better designed, imo. Good job.
  6. Kor

    Why do people make Doom maps?

    I got into it as a 13 year old who basically thought it'd be awesome fun to basically "make my own game." I remember when I was younger than that and was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES. My brother and I actually drew out our own levels, as if we could make them for SMB3. So the interest was already there when I discovered Doom mapping at the end of 1995, and was downright obsessed with it til the end of the century. These days I'm not nearly as into it as much as I was due to a couple of things.
  7. I remember seeing the E1 sky for the first time, and not knowing anything about the game's setting, I thought the game took place in South America. I also remember wandering the corridor area of E1M4 (that leads to the yellow key) and thinking how real it looked.
  8. Nothing I can think of that I really want, but I do have this guy. He came with the preorder of Doom 3. Really I didn't care about the preorder, I just wanted the sculpture. It's about an inch tall. I suppose if they made more sculptures like this I'd get them.
  9. Kor

    What age did you start DOOM?

    I was 12, and it was spring of 1995. I started with Doom shareware, which I played at a friend's house. He loaned it to me, and we tried to install it on a 386, and it didn't work. Six months later, on Thanksgiving weekend, my family got a Pentium. I borrowed shareware Doom again and it worked beautifully. Then over Christmas vacation, my brother got Ultimate Doom. And I remember before I even really familiarized myself with the levels, I got D!Zone, which had 700 new levels. A few months later, we got Doom 2.
  10. Kor

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I'd agree with that. Whenever I play through Doom 1, I get through it over the course of two or three days. Whereas Doom 2, I get through over the course of a couple weeks. But after E3M4, I don't really care for episode 3. And as far as PWADs go, I play more Doom 2 than Doom 1. And as far as mapping goes, I now like to do it for Doom 2 only, even though most of my work is for Doom 1.
  11. Good little level, felt like I wanted more when I finished it. Though I really despise strobe lights. They bug my eyes.
  12. I've played through the first nine levels. Good stuff. I like how, as you said, each level copies the style of the map it replaces without copying the layout.
  13. Kor

    Doomcute thread

    I knew Paul Maurone. He was on my Ultimate Invasion team. He was going to contribute a level that I only ever found on AOL.
  14. I agree with you on how the original Doom compares to Doom 3. I played through Doom 3 only once, back in 2005, and that was it. I never really felt like playing it again. Something about it just didn't work for me, though I can't pinpoint what it was. As far as how classic Doom stacks up against the new stuff, I don't know. I've never played the new stuff, but I can tell you I'm not that interested in doing so.
  15. In a hospital bed. All other times have been at home.