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  1. GoodyGood

    Irish Salsa

  2. GoodyGood

    Shore Fight

    In that very same room with the tricky switch (and I think in the previous room as well) the railings periodically glitched out, turning into a sort of wall. Other than that, I don't think I ran into any bugs.
  3. GoodyGood

    Shore Fight

    I guess I was just (very) unlucky with the pickups on the second map, as I always ended up with anything but rockets and plasma. But yeah, went through the first map and I think my memories are a bit distorted, as I now breezed through it, even through the final arena on map 1. I have no idea why my first playthrough(s) were so ammo demanding, tbh.
  4. GoodyGood

    Shore Fight

    This. I had to shoot rockets like crazy until something finally clicked and the door opened after the fight with that arch-vile. For the ammo part however... I didn't exactly understand if you skipped to the second map or simply stopped playing after that part, but it gets weird. While the ammo boxes are very chaotically distributed, to the point of taking away from the experience, if you do not pick enough (and with the pickup limit and limited backtrack ability this turns into an ammo management game) you will die. I was down to my shotgun the first time I got to the final fight on level one and died several times. To make things worse, you'll have to be a bit lucky if you don't pass with enough guns into level 2, as the time frame until the bosses start shooting barely allows you to pile up on rockets or plasma.
  5. GoodyGood

    Shore Fight

    Well, this is a breath of fresh air from all the arena-styled maps of yesteryear. I mean, it does feel a bit schizophrenic at times when you have a segment that feels like playing Splinter Cell, only to follow it up with an encounter with a huge amount of monsters, but at least there's always this sense of progress, as in you feel that with each encounter you are progressing rather than waiting for some random arena to clear out and then to progress to the next one. It's episodic in a way... Speaking of which, the final boss(es)... uh. Visually entertaining, but overpowered and annoying. I had to savescum my way through. On the technical side, I had some textures glitching out in one of the rooms, but that might be because I was using an older version of GZDoom. Overall, yeah, it gets a thumbs up from me as well.
  6. GoodyGood

    Sandy Petersen style megawad

    Hey, leave a guy be, dude. The man is watching, you know. One can never be too careful.
  7. GoodyGood

    FirstStrike - First WAD attempt - Update

    I finally managed to beat level two without cheating or smashing my keyboard this time, although there's some serious 32X aspect on most of the textures in the other areas. Had the same issue as the software mode glitch when trying to play it on my android tablet, though.
  8. GoodyGood

    Brutal Doom 64

    I want a patch to be able to change between the 64 and the classic sound in it at will.
  9. GoodyGood

    Brown and Red [1 map]

    Downloaded it a long time ago, finally had the chance to play it. The opening area was indeed great. I wouldn't say it went downhill from there, but it just didn't feel the same.
  10. GoodyGood

    HD sprites from Doom 3

    Any chance of this making a comeback?
  11. GoodyGood

    Sandy Petersen style megawad

    You might wanna check out Peterson's Matt Chat interview on youtube. He goes in depth about his design philosophy. I'm not gonna link it here so it won't get marked as spam or something, but it's really worth watching. He also discusses some Quake stuff.
  12. GoodyGood

    Help with Risen3d

    Just be sure you put all your files in the correct folder.
  13. GoodyGood

    As i believe my own doom?

    You might want to check out this all-encompasing thread at some point https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/42047-how-do-you-create-or-edit-textures/ (but that moment is still far away)
  14. GoodyGood

    FirstStrike - First WAD attempt - Update

    Downloaded it a few days ago but didn't get the chance to play it till today. It started strong but I didn't really care about the second level and gave up on it pretty fast and skipped to the next one. The last few bits were something like those corridor arenas from Serious Sam, which was enjoyable I guess. Overall, I'd say 3.14 out of 5. The screenshots don't really do the alert gameplay justice sadly, but you could say that about most doom wads.
  15. GoodyGood

    Shrooms 2: Event Line Horizon [WIP, Beta available]

    Some homebrew apple alcohol stuff. I'm saving what's left for when I find the contest related stuff.