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  1. yannara

    Zandronum game hosting, few questions

    I enabled freelook, and after this auto aim started working!
  2. yannara

    Zandronum game hosting, few questions

    Can these be put in Custom Parameters that they would be automatical? "Use Autoaim" is ticked behind flags and "autoaim" is "5000" but still I can't hit up and down without mouse.
  3. yannara

    Zandronum game hosting, few questions

    Thanks, teamdamage worked but not autoaim, still need that mouse.
  4. I´m hosting Doom coop game with Zandronum, which is launched via Dookseeker. - How to disable friendly fire protection? Now coop players do not heart each other. - How to enable auto-aim? From GUI it seems to be enabled. Now using mouse is mandatory, (yes, I play without a mouse), because can´t hit enemies on different hights.
  5. yannara

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    My absolute favorite band, MDM genre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJYcpjjnTzs&list=PLlTklyjv7eycrT74cZsEeD_zKlPWK_Slv&index=2&t=631s
  6. yannara

    Useful Coop Courtesy Tips

    Use chat if someones texting you? I just played with 2 other guys who were complete silenced, no chatting...
  7. Playing on Zandorum 2.1.2, I´m looking for 1-2 player who has intrest and motivation to complete all Dooms. We could play few evenings a week, 1-2 hours session. I´m not very skilled (I suck on DM), and I like classic movements - no mouse. I also would like to play in cooperating, meaning like to go through together and not run alone in a level. If you share my ideas, please contact. Best way to communicate with me is via Facebook. Don´t add me as a friend, just leave a message. https://www.facebook.com/pavel.mirochnitchenko Or you can leave comment here and we can work something out..
  8. yannara

    What is the best multiplayer platform today

    We ended up with Zandorum 2.1.2, and I let the BD64 go. Actually with hardware rendering and pixel softing, original doom looks quite okay. Now 2 questions; 1. We can´t find how to map weapons to other keyboard keys rather than 1-9 2. Where to take of coop playmate´s status from my screen, I all the time see in upper line his weapon, health and ammo. ...we´re looking for 1 more calm player to pass all classic doom maps from E2 to Final Doom... :) (there is a long road ahead).
  9. yannara

    What is the best multiplayer platform today

    Hi, and thank you guys for answers! Just about this one more question - if I´m after graphics (..and not pixels ;)), should I even think about ZDaemon? I could live without mods, but if thinking about old original doom, 2 things bugs me; - Non 3D-object/items (bodies, ammo boxes etc are 2D). - Pixel graphic - I need soften renders at least, mods are welcome. This is what we´ve been playing few years back, still lovit but mp doesn´t work propertly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oODoC5LMCg
  10. For years, I´ve been following Dengine developement, since it had best graphics, but there were always some issues with multiplaying. I don´t like Brutal Doom, because of its gore, but I got the impression, that it has best multiplayer capabilities? Now since Brutal Doom 64 is released, I got my hopes rised, and 64 isn´t gore, which is good, but with BD 64, I can´t load classic maps and latest mod texture together. If you would like to pass all doom classic maps together with your play buddies, what would be your choise today?
  11. yannara

    Brutal Doom 64 trailer

    Guys, has anyone tried this already? I don´t get it, how to set the game up, to be able to play classic maps in this mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfeyAtN8odg&index=18&list=WL&t=208s