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  1. Black-Hand

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Echelon & Mutiny

    Map 01: Surface The best midi of the whole for me, I really appreciate that fact that you have the choice of many paths to finish the level. The berserk pack at the start of the map has greetly change my way to apprehend the map this map is now my mumber one level of all the wad I have ever played. Map 02: Shipyard I was pretty impressed by the first level by this one nailed it, I did enjoyed the trigger the infight between the revenant, the imps and the archnotron a lot but for some reason not matter how I tried there is always two monsters that I can't find.
  2. Black-Hand

    Share a random fact about yourself

    What's made you come back? I'm a nintendo fan.
  3. Black-Hand

    Favourite Fast Food Place?

    Usually Burger King or KFC, I absolutely despise Subway and Domino.
  4. Black-Hand

    It's bad being a adult?

    In fact that notion of choice is not always between good and bad, unfortunately for somes, it's about bad and worse mostly because we do live in an unforgiving and unfair.
  5. Black-Hand

    It's bad being a adult?

    Being an adult is painful and exhausting (manner of speaking) but the fact that it sucks depend mostly on you, right now I may going through deep shit but it's not because of the adulthood, it's because the poor choices I have made. Nonetheless adulthood is more enjoyable because it's all about choice and assuming consequence of those choices... freedom in some ways.
  6. Black-Hand

    Possible texture themes for Freedoom

    That means that we will eventually see those textures blend in the future update. Sprite side, how is it going?
  7. Black-Hand

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Echelon & Mutiny

    I really enjoy Mutiny, challenging but what really makes me found of this wad was the marvellous chemistry between the midi and the level.
  8. Black-Hand

    What are your favorite Mega Man weapons?

    - The Hard knuckle and the Lightning from Elecman are my favourites in the classic. - Gravity well logic is too awesome for not to be my number one in X series. Well the chain rod is pretty great in Zero series with the energy drain Ex Skill.
  9. Black-Hand

    Is freedoom still being worked on?

    I tried it today, i liked the change done with the pillars and the medikit pickups the news soundtracks and the bugfixes but i was hoping to see raymoohawk's sprites in action. I'm really looking forward to see them in the next update.
  10. Black-Hand

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    -Mutiny is the one that deserve the throne this year. -D4D for gameplay award.
  11. Black-Hand

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    -I confess that I do not find any joy at playing Doom 2 whitout gameplay mod but I do go vanilla for the others Iwads and Pwads. -I discovered the community less than six months. -I love freedoom phase 2 more than Doom 2. -I can't say it!!
  12. Black-Hand

    What are your top 5 PWADs?

    1- Eternal doom 2- Mutiny 3- Requiem 4- Sunlust (never finished this one) 5- Memento Mori. I had greatly enjoy Going Down (Gladiator is my favorite level).
  13. Black-Hand

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    Hum it's too difficult to come out with only one but I will choose Etrian Odyssey III: The drowned city.
  14. Black-Hand

    Brutal Doom 64

    I tested it days ago and i'm glad that it kept the atmosphere the original and enjoyed the tweak and animations introduced in it. I have high hope in the future of this mod.
  15. Black-Hand

    What are you playing now?

    Right now i'm playing Mutiny and Requiem in my free time.