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  1. greendingbat

    Where will Doom go next?

    Oh, I totally agree with you about not wanting to rehash old territory too much. I was just saying it seemed like a likely candidate. A Doom game on the sun, though, THAT would be fucking brutal. XD
  2. greendingbat

    An ode to BrutalDoom's sound design

    Just checked out Brutal Pack. You're absolutely right! Great sound work there. Much more polished and cohesive than the other Brutal variants. As it also turns out, I was thinking of Project Brutality rather than straight Brutal Doom. Booth are...rough to be sure, but they both manage to create a feeling of impact with the weapons. I actually like the "roughness" of the whole project, from the distorted samples to the hilarious(??) one liners.
  3. greendingbat

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    That's a good point!
  4. greendingbat

    An ode to BrutalDoom's sound design

    I've started making that sound when playing other games during triumphant moments XD
  5. greendingbat

    An ode to BrutalDoom's sound design

    Hahaha, the taunts are definitely bad. But I always found them kind of endearing for that exact reason.
  6. UAC would like to remind all employees to limit birthday celebrations to 15 minutes or less. (dated cake-based videogame reference here)
  7. greendingbat

    What do you think of nightmare mode?

    I really love nightmare. It showcases the gameplay design so well. It was the point for me where I had to stop and think about how to be better at what the game wanted me to do. I've always been a medium-difficulty guy, but the difference in experience from UV to Nightmare has made me want to see what other games benefit from a harder difficulty. (What other people are saying is correct, too. The first couple levels on Nightmare are disproportionately more difficult than the rest. I think the idea there was to really shove the player's face into the idea of "YOU MUST MOVE TO STAY ALIVE.")
  8. greendingbat

    Where will Doom go next?

    I'm wondering if they'll do a Hell-On-Earth type game next. It would make sense considering that's the setting of the original Doom 2. Apparently Doom 4 was supposed to be something along those lines, so it could be that the groundwork is already there. My biggest question has been what are they going to call the bloody thing? If I have to refer to the sequel as Doom 2 2018 (or whatever), we'll be at a point the title is more numbers than letters.
  9. greendingbat

    Any New Updates?

    When are they going to announce a mission pack?? (ala Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and the mission packs of Quake) I would eat my own hand at this point for one of those. Wolfenstein did it so well with The Old Blood, I could totally see it working for Doom.
  10. greendingbat

    Favorite glory kills?

    Tearing an imp's head in half (with the Berserk powerup) caught me off-guard. I thought I had seen all the different glory kills by then, and then that one had me laughing. Definitely my favorite, though the Possessed Soldier "twist-leg-and-smash-into-own-face" is also great.
  11. greendingbat

    Crucible bears Slayers mark, why?

    I thought the Crucible could possibly be the sword mentioned in "may the blood on your sword never dry" from Corrax 7:17
  12. greendingbat

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    My intention wasn't for this to turn into another "piss on Snapmap" thread. I think I wrongly gave that impression with the poorly-worded title. Since we're talking about it, though, here's my two cents: Ultimately, I think Snapmap is well-designed. I think a lot of the limitations that frustrate people are tied to complexity of modern game engines more than failures in the tool itself. I was especially impressed with how smoothly and intuitively it controls on the XB1. It manages to provide access to considerable depth and complexity without feeling cluttered or having an impossible learning curve. It does have its limitations, some of which are frustrating. But I think a lot of people had grown accustomed to the tools available to the old modding community, which are just from a different world. Doom Builder and Snapmap have very different design (and gameplay) philosophies behind them. ANYway, thanks to Moon Marin for the links. It looks like there's some stuff to be learned about the under-the-hood workings there. If anyone out there has more technical knowledge about how Snapmap works, that's what I was really after here.
  13. greendingbat

    An ode to BrutalDoom's sound design

    Perhaps one of the less obvious triumphs of BrutalDoom's design is its sound. It amazes me how often the importance of good sound effects is overlooked even in big-budget games. I just finished Shadow Warrior and was completely baffled by its entire wimpy-sounding arsenal. Compare that to BrutalDoom, where each shotgun blast makes you feel like you've just punched a hole in the sky. What other games had sound design that really stuck out to you (in a positive or negative way)?
  14. greendingbat

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    I am indeed curious about the specifics, just because most of that information seems like it's already in memory in the editor. Like I said, I am running a console version of the game so most of the behind-the-scenes details are unavailable to me. If anyone here does know exactly what is happening during that load, I'd be interested in learning about it. You're right, obviously I was claiming that no quality maps do exist/can possibly be constructed with Snapmap. You seem really touchy about any perceived criticism of Snapmap for some reason, so rather than continue to engage with you on a topic that is not directly related to my question, I am going to re-focus this thread by saying it is not a "beat up on Snapmap" thread. I'm just trying to learn a little more about the technical processes in play.
  15. greendingbat

    Snapmap puzzles: new map genre?

    Did anyone else really enjoy the idea behind the Snapmap puzzles? I had a blast running through all the ones they provide, and was disappointed that there weren't more (in both number and complexity). This makes me curious about the viability of a new map genre: Snapmap puzzles. Basically maps intended to be "played" in edit mode where you have to identify, diagnose, and fix map logic with a limited selection of functions. I don't think there's any way to set certain functions as "read-only," so there'd have to be kind of an honor system in place, ie: you're only allowed to edit elements on the green square, but not the red one. I'm not much good at puzzle design, so I haven't tried this yet, but I thought I'd put the idea out there to see what other people think.