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  1. lwks

    WAD or PK3? Which is supreme?

    Yeah, WADs stand for "Where's All the Data" more precisely. Also, I've seen people using Zip files with Master Folders inside, I know PK's are technically ZIP files but the thing is it seems different, at least to my pleb brain, so you have that to check out if you want.
  2. lwks

    How fast is a turbo pinky?

    Fast enough to ki²
  3. lwks

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    A few years ago I remember playing(?) a Hexen/Heretic mod, I think it was a staple for the total conversion fantasy rpg genre or something, it was similar to this one: You would start in a city surrounded by high city walls, it was big and I remember there were NPCs too. The city was near the shore and very soon you would go there and board a ship were there would be this cut-scene where the ship sails (and I think it gets attacked???) while an NPC or a voice is talking to you as stuff goes by on the sides of the ship, and then you would reach a new landmass where you would disembark and go to your adventure. The whole thing had this fantasy medieval adventure feeling to it, can't seem to find it though, might be misremembering a few things too.
  4. lwks

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It might be weird me responding to myself, but I just wanted to say that I found the wad. It was The City of the Damned by Tormentor667, it's good too without retarded traps
  5. I really don't like Doom 2's maps in general, I prefer Doom 1's, they're more detailed I think. Doom 2's maps look like crap, don't know how or why they look the way they do, Doom 1 was made from scratch and had such beautiful maps, Doom 2 is basically just an expansion which means most of the stuff was already done so they had more time to develop stuff and on top of that had some money due to Doom 1's success but I'm not sure on sales back in the day so I might be wrong on this one. Perhaps they were too busy playing Doom? lmfao Yes I know they did it
  6. lwks

    What is the scariest classic Doom level?

    People usualy seem to think of Doom as a full action game, I like to think that a horror atmosphere is part of it, I mean horror atmosphere not actual horror. No idea about a specific level but E2M2 has an amazing song, the whole level just feel ominous to me jst because of it, other levels haven't had an impact on me in the same way.
  7. I think it's not that surprising, Nightmare is basically a difficulty that encorages speedrunning because as long as you rush throught everything as fast as possible respawning enemies won't be much of a problem...in theory of course. (In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.)
  8. UV or I don't even play lol Playing on anything lower than that would be a shame for my entire family, I'd rather stop playing the WAD altogether than lower the difficulty ~ cries in Sunlust ~ Btw what is the meme difficulty option you guys are talking about? Is it Nightmare? What's the deal with it? I think if ITYTD is in the pool so should be Nightmare!
  9. lwks

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks but that's not the one. Also when I said "dungeon" at the end of the level I actually meant a cave.
  10. lwks

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So there's this WAD that I've never played but I remember seeing a short gameplay of it on YT some time ago. Details that I remember: 1. Custom sky texture, it was kindda orange so it was probably Dusk. 2. The level was mostly outdoors inside a village (at least mostly from what I can remember) and the mapper had used lots of sectors to make buildings with a Gothic aesthetic more or less, possibly some of these building had indoors too. If memory serves the level had dark textures too, not talking about light level tho, I think the first level of Hell Grounds and Sunlust can give a nice feeling of the map aesthetic. 3. If I'm not mistaken there was a secret with a BFG on a higher platform somewhere in the middle of the village taunting the player to get it. 4. Vanilla monsters and weapons as far as I remember, I can say the level wasn't brutal like later level of Sunlust or New Gothic, it played like a regular map, a few Demons and some Revenants here and there I think. 5. I remember that near the middle/ending of the level (didn't see the whole thing so I'm not sure how far that was) the player would leave the village and enter a cave and he would descend and find an entrance to a dungeon. From the entrance it would be possible to see a huge room, the floor was lava and the dungeon was big, both in height and in lenght. (Now I'm not sure but I think there were some flying monsters there, can't remember if Cacos of Heretic's Gargoyles, but I remember some fireballs flying in this section). 6. Lastly, somewhere around here (most likely before entering the dugeon) I remember a ledge with some Revenants (I think) (Perhaps this ledge was the dungeon entrance, I think it was possible for the player to have a frontal view from above of the dungeon entrance before reaching it by walking to a path to the right) (Hmm do you walk TO a path or do you walk BY a path?) I stoped watching the video right here so this is all I can remember.
  11. Not about the code, about the PK3 file, I have a PK3 file and everything seems to be organized, each thing inside it's correct folder but the maps don't open, like I tried putting a wad with the levels, tried saving one level in a separated wad but when I load the game it plays Doom II's Map01
  12. Wait, Doomworld actually support this? asd Edit (LMAO, IT WORKS /\ ) Thanks anyway, gotta do the rough way... Edit 2.0 And abou the PK3 file...?
  13. A_SpawnItemEx chance of spawning goes from 0 to 256, shouldn't it be 0 to 255? WTH? Also I've created a damn PK3 files and put levels inside them with SLADE and some Stuff, but when I try to play the PK3 GZDoom doesn't find a level Also 2.0 CODE if (GetCVAR(hs_hierarchy = 1)){ //REVENANT// actor MinionRevenant : Revenant replaces Revenant { DropItem "RocketAmmo" States { Death: SKEL LM 7 SKEL N 7 A_Scream SKEL O 7 A_NoBlocking SKEL P 7 SKEL P 0 A_SpawnItemEx("ChaingunGuySpawner",0,0,0,0,0,0) SKEL Q -1 Stop } } ...more code } else { } /CODE I get this error Script error, "Hellspawn v1.1.wad:DECORATE" line 45: Expected '{', got '(GetCVAR(hs_hierarchy'. I think DECORATE can't handdle code like that, right? Is there a way for me to check a variable and them load one decorate file or another?
  14. Oh, I already know about that, that's why the mod isn't called just "Hellspawn", thus "Hell's Army". I really liked the name, but I may change it later ofc, for now Hellspawn seems perfect. Also, don't forget to give me some feedback after trying the mod, okay? :)