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  1. Oh I see it now, I just find it slightly annoying when people presupose science to be the one and only holy way to get to conclusions, they hear strange stories and automaticaly presupose supernaturalism to be wrong and proceed: we got a scientific explanation this time? ok cool. we didn't? ehh nevermind... It leads to a mentality that looks like it's never supernaturalism, it doesn't matter how crazy the story is, it's gotta be natural and I'll just move on and forget about it, and in my view I find it weird, for exemple we can infer that reallity either came into being literally from nothing or it is literally past eternal, and I look at supernaturalism and I strugle to see how is it any more weird than the previous alternatives, and I'm like bruh
  2. So we just switched one arbitrary methodology for another? You're saying my inability to go where you are and check it for myself or your lack of evidence implies the objective impossibility proof? (I also noticed you refered about proof of, not proof of inexistence).
  3. Language does not describe reality. Does this thing you wrote describe reality? If this logic statemente is true then this logic statement is false. When you say "It is raining" it is either TRUE or FALSE. If language did not refer to reality we would not be able to communicate with one another because everything would be subjective. Logic is the most fundamental form of knowledge, everything else springs from it, if you can't grasp it then I don't know what to tell you. Do you need proof to trust the laws of logic and mathematics as well or do you just accept them based on your subjective personal experience like everybody else? Because that's the same reason @CBM uses to ground his belief on the supernatural. There's no such a thing as scientific proof, the whole thing is built on assumptions and axioms, science is cool, it's interesting, but it's not the only way to the truth. Am I sensing despise for religious faith here? Completely false, for example we can prove there isn't a second star in the center of our solar system, I can prove there are no elephants in the room I'm in right now, etc. A way better and more logical aproach. Yet your reason to dismiss the supernatural is because it's not compatible with our modern understanding of reality...whataver that means if mathematics doesn't actualy mean anything like you said...how is that logical? You can say you don't know, but you can't make statementes like "unlikely", that's NOT a statement of science, that's just your personal opinion. If the supernatural exists it would be as much part of nature as quantum mechanics and chemistry, we already know that Einstein's theory is wrong/incomplete and we need a theory of everything and quantum gravity, yall remember when a random dude said we already knew almost all of physics and then we discovered quantum mechanics or some shit like that? You couldn't possible know.
  4. You can't just leave it there, it's a paradox, it must be solved. When he says "I know that I know nothing" it doesn't really mean that the amount of things he knows is literally zero, you can figure out the vague meaning, but when affirming truth claims like "you can't know truth" you can't avoid logical inconsistencies. His point is not a sound one, X cannot be not X, it's a basic law of logic. Even if it were true, by admiting this kind of thinking at the very least one loses the ground on which to stand on to make truth claims about the scientific method and whatnot. This doesn't make sense, there's no such a thing as "only mostly know", what do you mean?
  5. Haha this sounds terrifyingly like a statement of truth friend. If the truth can't be reached is true then how would you know it? That's a contradiction. Nice, now you can say that you visited "haunted places" and did not have any paranormal experiences.
  6. You mean we can only know the truth by the scientific method and that it's always reliable?
  7. I don't know and I'm not ingenuous enough to assume it to be false due to the lack of scientific proof, and I'd like to remain agnostic for the rest of my life, lest I have an experience. I believe this is an illogical statement, absense of evidence is not evidence of absense.
  8. lwks

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    Dark. Also white chocolate is weird, doesn't taste quite right, maybe it's because it's too sweet.
  9. Just like any social media. My favorite kind of user is that person who takes advantage of the anonymity of the internet to insult people and be an overall jerk whereas they wouldn't be behaving like a goddamn animal in a normal situation, that and people who like to virtue signal, those are annoying too.
  10. lwks

    Classification of "cheating" in games

    Totally agree, doing the thing at all costs it seems, it's similar to bodybuilding scene too, the "right way" to compete is by filling your body with weird shit and dying at 45 or some shit like that (or so I heard), really sad.
  11. lwks

    Classification of "cheating" in games

    Category 2 is really funny, I'm not sure but I think if you ask to the speedrun community they'll tell you that "if it's in the game then it's ok" or something like that, if memory serves "no exploits" is a separate speedrun category for most games, I somewhat get it but I'm a subscriber to the "intended experience" school of thought though Edit: Ofc I'm not talking about cheat codes, they're clearly not intended for the gameplay, maybe taking them out of the game in the final stretch would cost time? Maybe it's convinient to leave them there in case they need it to test future updates? And it's not like the game you're developing is going to turn out into a global hit and obsessed people are going to reverse engineer the game's code to find those cheat codes anyways...right guys...?
  12. lwks

    Out of the official doom wads, which map32 was your favorite?

    Because it's a slaughter map probably
  13. Hmmm...HEY I know you
  14. lwks

    Out of the official doom wads, which map32 was your favorite?

    That's what we call Slaughter Map and the Doom community loves those for some reason And I agree the level is a chore