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  1. Will183

    Making Doom realistic

    Have to agree, nothing can beat hideous destructor's rainbow six/ghost recon level of realism.
  2. Will183

    looking for mapsets

    Looking for some maps that are compatible with gameplay mods but take advantage of modern source port features.
  3. Will183

    gimme some interesting mods that aren't HDOOM!

    Yeah, I don't really think balance is something Pillowblaster really cared about in the first place though, considering the super shotgun just creates a wall of shrapnel and death.
  4. Will183

    gimme some interesting mods that aren't HDOOM!

    Pillowblaster's fantastic mods Guncaster, Russian Overkill and Trailblazer. They are just very fun mods overall. I would say play Trailblazer then Russian overkill then Guncaster. Guncaster is no doubt better then both of Russian Overkill and Trailblazer combined with much larger levels of polish and quality, Russian Overkill is just the most ridiculous and overpowered weapons crammed into one mod, Trailblazer is probably the least fleshed out and the most tame mod out of the holy trilogy, inspired by cheesy 80's action movies.