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    Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom megawads?

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions... bookmarking this thread. Cheers.

    Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom megawads?

    @SilverMiner dude appreciate these suggestions. Played Back to Basics years ago. Will add them to my list of must plays. @P41R47 kinda astonished that only an hour after I post the thread, someone rocks up with such a comprehensive list! Thanks so much for the reply. The only one I can add to that list is, as i mentioned in OP, 'sinergy' by CrunchyNut44, definitely worth a look! Thanks again. Okay, so seeing that I love Sigil but I'm kinda reluctant to touch any Doom 1 wad, would you point to me some that might be on somewhat par with Sigil? I highly recommend NEIS.wad. Best Ultimate Doom wad I have ever played, and definitely on par with Sigil.

    Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom megawads?

    I did try to find another thread like this, and while there are plenty of Doom 2 megawad lists, there seem to be far fewer Ultimate Doom megawad lists. Though possibly my searching was every bit as half-assed as... what it actually was. I just put "Ultimate Doom megawad lists" into the search bar... aaaaaand then I was done searching. Apologies in advance if there are plenty of other lists, and I just, well, suck. Anyhow, I have really been going through a phase of Doom 1/Ultimate Doom wads, and over the last year or two have played such greats as dtwid and all the overflow levels, NEIS, and Lunar catastrophe, as well as SIGIL of course. All awesome. Discovered Sinergy while I was searching these forums just now. But I would love to add to this list. There are others that I have played, though I can't remember the authors or the wad names just now. So, with all relevant gratitude for any replies, gimme ur absolute finest Doom 1 /Ultimate Doom megawads, or at least episode replacements. Preferably reasonably vanilla in style and ambience, though variation and new stuff is totally fine. (For those interested, I use Vanilla Essence, Screem pal, Perkristians seminal sound replacements, and the spritefix.wad project to 'recreate' the unique way that I 'remember' what vanilla Dooming was all about. While totally subjective, I recommend all of these mods, and again, am very grateful for them. I really should try crispy doom one of these days.)

    Doom 1 and 2 are ugly?

    Seeing as retro FPS is in full swing with such titles as Ion Fury and Dusk, I would have thought that Doom styled retro games were beautiful again! Even to the mainstream and not just to the hardcore Doomheads, I mean.

    Doom 1 and 2 are ugly?

    what port are you showing it to them in?
  6. The idea of three episodes really appeals to me for some reason. Almost as if the original doom had 3 episodes or something. ;) [edit] Also where you have put the divisions between the levels is logical, and would totally work. I like it.
  7. At first I thought, "How would they fit 32 levels on one overworld screen" But then I remembered that Doom 2 has episodes. So at the end of each level, you could have an endgame screen. iirc there are 4 episodes, so 4 endgame screens. I would love to have seen it implemented. Don't know how you would incorporate the two Wolfenstein levels into whatever endgame screen had map 15 on it!

    Why is it that....

    ...you may think that it is to protect him from demons and the like, but it is actually from all the fast closing doors slamming into the top of Doomguy's head. Not to mention standing on the edge of elevators as they rise, and hitting his head on the (often) lowered sectors around the elevators. Also running down stairs and bouncing off the lower sectors of the ceiling in front of him. And so on.

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    I like... 'Eternidoomagine' as a replacement name for 'Eternity Engine' -positively rolls off the tongue! -has 'Doom' in the title! -best I could do on short notice! -same number of syllables as 'Eternity Engine', but now has 'Doom' in the title! -combines the words 'Eternity' and 'Engine' into one smooth, "easy-to-say" word... which, interestingly, also has 'Doom' in the title! -I'm here all night folks! -Really appreciate all these amazing coders and developers so I can keep playing all those wads I love! -'Doom' also has 'Doom' in the title. So there is another connection! -Something! -Idk! -This thread was super interesting, coz I have used many of these ports over the years! -I'm done!

    Things about Doom you just found out

    My man.

    Things about Doom you just found out

    ...some people think fun grows on trees

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Even after learning about this game for like 30 years, and even after watching channels that really research Doom, such as Decino for example, I still find that at least half of the things posted on this thread are totally new to me. So things about Doom I just found out? That number is either a lot, or zero, depending on whether you count reading this thread or not...

    Which Doom sound effects do you like/hate?

    The only thing I disliked in regards to the classic sounds is that the plasma gun sound is much louder than the general volume of any dooming experience.

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Proof that the Toyota Prius was designed in hell. Just sayin'

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    You'll be fine* *Something something max damage revenant rocket something something.