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    Doom challenge: Shotgun only speedrun

    For Doom2, I think a single and double shotty run would be cool and interesting. Limited only to shotgun weapons. I think that way, the run would be much more fluid and fast. But cool idea though.

    A little level design tips thread.

    I don't have anything massive to add, except to say that a map does not have to be consistent with the real world design 'rules', but it must be internally consistent to its own 'rules', and those rules must be based on something recognizable to the player. One example of this is in modern games (yes CoD I am looking at you), is where the player can climb over one waist high wall, but not another identical waist high wall, as this second hypothetical waist high wall forms a 'boundary' to the level, and the first forms merely an obstacle to use as temporary cover. Frustrating to say the least. On another note, there has been very little discussion in this thread (aside from dobu gabu maru's pretty neat post on that level from Revilution,) on how to use monsters well. I would like to see some posts on monster flow/pacing, as thus far in my non existent mapping 'career', this is my weakest area. Hitscanners vs projectile baddies, how to use monsters so they create a threat without having that threat become overly frustrating, how to place monsters so the gameplay has this quality of 'flow.' I understand that monster placement can be used to create a very real sense of progression, over and above the obvious "small monsters first, big monsters last, then bossfight hurr durr," but how exactly to execute this? Also, how to limit/balance health and ammo in a way that challenges without causing the player to ragequit? Great thread tho.
  3. I just found out today that Brutal Heretic is a thing. And now this released as well? Time to clear my schedule.

    Looking for the author of a .gif

    I figured if anyone knew where these came from, it would be someone on these forums. I had kind of assumed that the person who made these would be someone like Scuba Steve or someone known in the Dooming community. But it seems that the source is untraceable. Thanks for the replies and the help. Appreciated. The video in question: Shameless but subtle promotion ahoy. All sources quoted where possible. Any errors in commentary are mine alone.

    Looking for the author of a .gif

    That music was awesome. Sounds like Andrew Hulshult's work. Can you link to the original. Nice combination.

    Looking for the author of a .gif

    Just looking for the creator of this gif to credit them and hopefully permission to use. I am about to start a Classic Doom playthrough on my youtube channel, and wish to use this gif in the Doom video introductions. And while we are at it, I might possibly use this one as well, so credit and permissions for this one too. But mostly the first one. Thanks peeps. Love your work.

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    10 points: Alien Vendetta 9 points: Hellbound 8 points: Suspended in Dusk 7 points: Hell Revealed 2 6 points: Memento Mori 2 5 points: Plutonia 2 4 points: Sine Die 3 points: PRCP.wad 2 points: TNT Revilution 1 point: Scythe X You say that like it's a bad thing.

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I. Like. Shotguns. so as a result Must. Know. What. Mod. This. Is. From....

    Hitscan shots that miss... wtf?

    Oh Ok. So i think the solution to my question is that the engine autoaims first, and targets the monster in that moment, but then applies a pellet spread, which would cause even an aimed hitscan to miss. Thank you. Yeah got it. So the engine autoaims first, and then applies a pellet spread to all of the pellets. I guess i had always assumed that in a shotgun hitscan attack that at least one of the pellets should hit. But apparently this is not the case. Thank you for the reply. And thank you for explaining the multiquote thing too. No it wasn't hitting the wall below them, but behind them. I think the randomness of the spread applied after the autoaim hitscan would explain what i am seeing. i had always assumed that at least one pellet should hit from a shotgun blast once the autoaim had targeted something.

    Hitscan shots that miss... wtf?

    Soz double post. I already messed up the f**kn quoting system badly enough. I am referring to this situation you speak of, but every one of the pellets misses. Not passes through, like in the blockmap bug, but misses entirely, in spite of the vertical autoaim.

    Hitscan shots that miss... wtf?

    Well said Bauul. Also, I have just realised that my name is a bizarre tribute to the blockmap bug. Good sir I am aware of the blockmap bug, though not its deeper technical aspects. I am not referring to hitscan shots passing through a monster, but missing the monster entirely, even though the game has autoaimed up or down and therefore should not be able to miss, I would have thought. I have seen the blockmap bug in action a number of times, (But only in the last few years, since I 'discovered' it and know to look for it.) I am using ZDoom but not in strict compatibility mode. I also use Chocolate Doom when able to do so. I don't use PrBoom as my system hates it for whatever reason.

    Hitscan shots that miss... wtf?

    yeah so bear with me while I explain this. This is probably the biggest mystery to me ever in Doom and something I have never worked out. Let us say that you have a shotty. And there is a couple of imps above you on a raised platform. And you shoot at the imps. And thanks to the wonders of auto-aim, the 7 pellets from your shotty rise up and head towards the imps. But somehow all 7 pellets miss. Now, the fact that the shotty auto targeted upwards at the imps means that the imps were in line to be hit by your hitscan shot. So how the f**k can the shotty miss in that instance? Because hitscans are instant hit, so it is not as if the imps could dodge or something. And I have seen the same thing happen with the pistol and the chaingun. Bullets target up or down but then miss their target and hit the wall behind, even though they must have targeted the, well, the target to be able to travel up or down. How is this possible?

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    Never... ...Mostly Never

    I don't get DOOM II

    C'mon, ffs, It should tell you how good the level design is in Doom 2 that the best most games can do, even after decades of having 3D engines, and many thousands of games designers contributing to the broader culture of game design as a whole, is simplistic corridor shooters with knee high walls, or sandbox games with missions scattered around them. To compare Doom2 to Doom1 is unfair. Let's see more comparisons between Doom 2 and CoD. I think I prefer Doom to Doom 2 But only because it was so original and new. Doom 2 was actually very very good and pushed the boundaries of what could be done with a 3D engine. We look at Doom 2 levels too much from the perspective of 25 years of gaming design, and it is hard to look at them through the eyes of people who had never done this before. If we could look at Doom 2 as something that had never been done before, then we would start to appreciate it's brilliance and uniqueness.

    Game Theorists "Doom Wasn't 3D" video and my refutation

    This thread is really interesting. Doomkid, great vid. Much enjoyed.