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    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    This is an amazing piece of work. Great graphics, looks suitably challenging in terms of gameplay, awesome enemies. And all Vanilla and Dehacked wizardry you say? Astonishing. This really deserves a mapset that does justice to the monsters/weapons/gameplay. Easy for me to say, but I hope this happens. Awesomeness all round either way.

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    Obviously you changed the sounds, but did you make any changes to the way sound is handled by the engine? Great idea though. Well done.

    The Iron Forge: a Xaser/Not Jabba collab map (/idgames!)

    You people had me at Heretic. Thanks guys. Thanks SOSU for the vid also.

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    haha yes absolutely. And now that I think about it this explains why doors closing on doomguy's head never seems to phase him. Especially those fast closing doors. And elevators raising him into a ceiling and then going back down. etc etc. :)

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Please don't go to any trouble lol. If I find any more I will post. So so so enjoying this wad. I trust you are aware of just how many Cacoward nominations this little project has generated? Thoroughly deserved too I might add. Wonderful work! Thank you again.

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Anytime. I did play AliensRL a little, but played DRL way too much. I assume you know about Jupiter Hell? lol. *Doomguy breaks three thousand health potion bottles all over the Solar System. *Demons snooze happily. *Doomguy gently pumps his fist *All Hell awakes and launches an invasion.

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Just wanted to post to report a couple of bugs. -On E2M6, if you are playing strict vanilla compatibility mode, you will not be able to open the door to leave the start room. Because Linedef 26 and linedef 21 are only 16 units apart, you cannot open the door through the W1 trigger line that is in front of it. There is a setting in GZDoom for this though. I just mention it for the sake of thoroughness. -On E1M5, it is possible to create a small HOM on linedef 910 by hitting linedef 842 twice. The first time you hit it, it raises the floor of sector 0 up to the floor level of sector 171. If you hit the switch again, it raises the floor level of sector 0 up again to the floor height of sector 186, thereby revealing the back of line 910 above the floor height of sector 171. Soz if this explanation doesn't make sense, it will if you hit the switch at linedef 842 twice. -E2M9 Sector 85 needs the damage tag removed. (At least I assume it needs removing.) Minor bugs aside, this mapset is amazing, I love playing through classic Doom 1 megawads, and was thrilled to discover this megawad just in the last week. Definitely in my top ten favorite wads ever. AND STILL TWO MORE EPISODES TO GO! Yisss! Thanks so much for your work. Much appreciated.

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    You must try Vanilla essence. For GZDoom, one button and it converts everything to look like classic Doom: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=59412 Also try Screem, which modifies the Doom palette to be more 'classic' … the darks are darker, the lights are lighter, more contrast in short. Doom is much more brutal and scarier. Harder too... These two mods are my mainstays when playing classic megawads. Also, Get DoomRL if you like roguelikes. An amazing roguelike. Hope this helps. And you also my friend. :) I probably should know what megaman hotel is. Also... MOUSE LOOK???? … I formally retract my welcome... lol j/k Seriously Doom is amazing like that. Play it any way you like, it is still awesome. Cheers. Hope some of those suggestions help. :)

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    We could rewrite some of the Doom source code to include some quality filters that exclude soul spheres from crap wads. I'm sure it wouldn't be *much* work or anything. Also, welcome to Doomworld. From a fellow longtime Doomer, but *relatively* recent member of these forums.

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Tequila. Just sayin'

    My gripes with Doom II

    The thing I really want to say is that Doom2 is a product of its time. If you measure it by modern standards, it is not always coherent and does not always flow like a good narrative should. But this is because we have had 25 years of gaming development and design and refinement. Of course Doom 2 is going to look primitive in many ways, and is going to get things wrong. Understand that there was very little 'wrong' in Doom2, because there was so little 'right' frame of reference for us to compare the 'wrong' to. ('Wrong' mostly came down to our own intuitive sense of 'rightness' or frustration, which can still both be absolutely valid. The previously mentioned shooty flesh switch on map 28 being one example of frustration, the satisfaction of the super shotty being one example of 'rightness'.) I really agree with the sentiments of people like Doomkid and Rexx here. Taken in its place, it is a towering and masterful piece of gaming design. Sure, there are plenty of examples of things that could have been done better. But when these guys were making Doom 2, they weren't following any guidelines. They didn't have decades of previous games design to follow. They were writing the rulebook piece by piece on the fly, as they progressed. Astonishing! I mean, surely it should tell us something about what an amazing piece of design Doom2 is, when we consider that the vast majority of FPS shooters made since have fallen well short of the design and creativity standards set by that game. Even when they had Doom2 to use as base to learn from. The fact that 20 years on we are still being served up linear corridor shooters with set piece battles that are being held up as the pinnacle of games design should tell us how few have been able to match the design ethics of the original team of minds at iD software. Doom 2016 was one of the few games that dared to try and emulate the non linear verticality and open map exploration of much of Doom2. And even then, it generally defaulted to a reasonably linear progression within each level. Still a great game, and deserves all of its success. Doom2 blew me out of the water when I played it. It really was bigger, badder and more epic than Doom 1. It's lack of parallels to 'the real world' just made it more hellish and confusing, more surreal and frightening to play through. When you can make sense of a situation, you are more likely to cast that situation as 'good' and Doom2, by its very chaotic progression and random sequence of events, made it seem more hellish and compelling, to me at least. Just a few examples: The first time I saw that huge room at the start of map 06. The one with the Spiderdemon overlooking the room on that raised platform. (As an aside, even having a Spiderdemon that early in the game was scary. A Spiderdemon on map 06??? Oh shit, we are really in for it now. The way it loomed over that dark cavernous room made me afraid to go near that room. Riding that huge lift down, under its watchful gaze, all the while trying to work out what I was supposed to do. Oh. A blue key. Miles away. Clear on the other side of this huge room. With no cover. And A Spider mastermind waiting to cut me to ribbons. Awesomeness.) But that room was so dark and huge that it literally took my breath away. I had never seen such a vast expanse in any game before. The sense of depth. The floor seemed miles downwards, far beneath you, the ceiling so high above, the blue key so far away. Yeah I know I am exaggerating, but it is difficult now to express just how new and vast Doom2 was, even compared to Doom 1. As Doomkid mentioned, the first time I saw the Spiderdemon and the Cyberdemon lowering those raised platforms on map 20 just stunned me. It was like a clash of the titans. And the idea of getting those two absolute titans to infight? Brilliant. Well it was either that, or die. Or run around the room, trying to work out what to do as you got ripped to shreds. I think I made them infight by mistake one time. And even watching them infight was amazing. Probably the first time ever you got to see a Cyberdemon firing its rocket launcher at anything other than yours truly. Captivating stuff. Map 07? The first time you ever saw mancs? I died many many times on that level. Really tough. And finally defeated all the mancs. Only to have the walls lower and another new enemy appear. Brutal and unrelenting. Tricks and traps? I just took that level as another piece of hell trying to mess with your head through sheer randomness. Chaotic evil, rather than 'organised' evil. Modern games, even hellish ones have nothing like it. Each map being so random I just took as a long and surreal journey, as ever new regions of hell were crushed under your boots, one at a time, slowly but surely. Forgive the rampant fanboyism and the tl:dr thing. I can certainly see plenty of aspects of Doom2 that with hindsight could have been done much better, but given the lack of reference points we had, and the fact that it was so random and brutal and surreal, I feel that Doom2 did a fine job of conveying the mindf**k nightmare of Hell on Earth. Was it better than Doom1? Perhaps, perhaps not. Was it bigger and badder and tougher and even more of a challenge than Doom1? Definitely.

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Doomguy. Can't even relax in the tub without seeing a hellish vista out the bathroom window. Dude has issues.

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Well played Mr. Marinara. Well played.

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

  15. Yeah so we have all picked up thousands of soul spheres probably. Just run over the space occupied by that pristine blue orb, and voila, our health is #plusonehundred. Useful things, soul spheres. But imagine a hypothetical 'real' space marine, and a hypothetical 'real' soul sphere. How would a human interact with it to gain the health upgrade? Would you step into the space it occupies to discover it is out of phase with our timeline, a blue orb that now sits in your chest cavity, phasing in and out of existence? Or is it a liquid that would flow over your hands and up your arms, forming an outer liquid skin? Would it attach itself to your face like some sort of 'The Mask' reimagining, with Jim Carrey now cast as our noble space marine? Would you simply pick it up and eat it? Would it mess with your mind with a sentience of its own, or is it a purely physical thing, interacting with our metabolism and biology down to the atomic level? Feel free to speculate. Also Megaspheres and Invisibility balls and invul spheres and such. How would you interact 'for real' with such strange alien artefacts?