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  1. Cacodemon9000

    Whispers of Satan

    Maps look pretty nice, but playing them isn't that fun. Most of them are very repetitive and layout itself is too symmetrical - maps mostly consist of mirrored parts or quarters, and copypaste mapping isn't something acceptable for me. For good part - music fits well to the maps and overall atmosphere quite good. So 3/5.
  2. From those I played but not Finished: Rise of the Triad. Boring architecture, lack of enemy diversity, and most stupid idea for weapons i've ever saw. There are many different rocket launcher, but you can bring only one at time. And most of the time you use infinite SMG. Also source port I used to play it on Windows corrupted all save files after half of the game. Blood 2. Poor shooting mechanics, annoying insanely accurate AI which shoots at you instantly as sees even a single pixel of you, and for the worst - almost no blood and gore in comparison to original Blood.
  3. Cacodemon9000

    10 Sectors

    If you thing it's impossible to make something good only from 10 sectors, then you should check this wad. Some maps are quite simple and lack of quality but there are also really impressive maps for such restrictions. My favorites are 6, 20, 22, 26, and 27.
  4. Cacodemon9000


    Good thing here is unique architecture and visuals, nice work with lighting and shading, and it worth playing only for this. But gameplay is annoying as hell: shitloads of stealth enemies including chaingunners, arcviles and mancubi, lack of ammunition (at least on UV), teleport traps on each step, hidden chaingunners and shotgunner in barely visible holes and stupid run against insanely fast conveyor at the end of the map.
  5. Cacodemon9000

    Legacy Of Suffering - v1.01

    All maps have primitive layout which consist of small rooms and tiny corridors and all look almost exactly the same. Gameplay is too repetitive and tedious. I have nothing against arena shooters and some of them are my favorite, but this is a bad example of implementation of such gameplay type. Everything here is: enter in another small square room and getting swarmed by another pack of monsters and multiple times. Balance is almost nonexistent. At some points you may completely run out of ammo. Health balance is so terrible so author added health regeneration to compensate it. The only really good thing here is music, which is mostly Painkiller's soundtrack, but it's better to listen to it separately or while playing Painkiller itself.
  6. Cacodemon9000

    Total Control

    Cool visuals and nice atmosphere. There is a lot of room to explore and map itself is quite nonlinear, but without too much switch hunt. Start may be a bit tough, but overall difficulty is relatively easy, not many traps and all of them are predictable. Good work.
  7. Cacodemon9000


    The most nice thing I found in this wad is starting view and fisrt level itself worth playing, really nicely done. But most part of the wad is just dark labyrintine identically looking caves and some large empty outdoors areas. To make things worse automap is disabled in many cave areas. Running around almost blind without properly working automap in search for another key most of the time isn't something I enjoy. 2/5 only for nice visual tricks.
  8. Cacodemon9000

    Eternal Doom

    On one side it has really nice visuals and many levels have good atmosphere, but on other side it's insanely complicated in path finding and sometimes it goes really too far. As for example: on map 20 there is a yellow key lies on open area but on UV it's IMPOSSIBLE to obtain and to complete level you need to lower secret lift which you cannot see or hear and fast path to it is also hidden behind secret door which looks like normal wall. And map 30 is probably worst thing in terms of switch/key/linedef hunt I've ever played which seems impossible to complete without examining each linedef and sector in editor. As opposite, map 29 is huge and requires running from one side to another but it's not hard to understand where you need to go next. At first I wanted to give it 5, but closer to the final map I got too frustrated from switch hunt nightmare on some later maps, especially the last one, so I give it 3.
  9. Cacodemon9000

    Level design tropes you dislike

    Most annoying things for me are: Unavoidable puckups. Megaspheres/armors placed right before the switch which is required to proceed, as example. Crushers activated right before your face when you running forward, so there is high change to get crushed by them on first run. Archviles behind multiple lines/circles of barons or knights. Guaranteed damage from enemies. Switches/keys/doors required to proceed hidden so hard so you need examine map in editor to understand what you need to do next (Eternal Doom maps 30, 31 for example).
  10. Cacodemon9000

    The /newstuff Chronicles #534

    Good to see review on my map ) But it feels like there was no full walkthrought made for some reason. I think I should attach detailed walkthrounght for next such map )
  11. Cacodemon9000

    [WIP] Temple of Unholy Fire

    My new project for Boom. Miniwad with 4 maps (3 quite large maps and on final boss map) in hellish/marble style influenced by games like Heretic, Hexen and Painkiller with new decorations, enemies and weapons implement with BEX patch. For now there one map (it may take about 1 hour to finish it). Contains new or changed enemies, weapons, decorations (and there will be more). Tested with Pr(GL)Boom+ and GZDoom 2.2.0, these ports are recommended. Applying gameplay mods is strongly NOT recommended, there high chance they will conflict with BEX patch. List of changes. ScreenshotsDownload on ModDB
  12. Cacodemon9000

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Almost finished my new map.
  13. Cacodemon9000

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Does BEX support renaming sprites/sounds like Dehacked?
  14. Cacodemon9000

    Outland Industries

    Nice work as for first map. But there error in it which may become critical. Linedef that should activate red key doom isn't tagged, so it will become impossible to complete in some ports (Chocolate doom for example).