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  1. Name: Everything's gone green Music: Volcano Valley Zone: Act 2 from Sonic 3D Blast and sequenced by Monster Iestyn isolation-amok.rar
  2. Those rules are great. Count me in.
  3. @Walter confetti No problem. While I was fixing that I also "balanced" the difficulties (which was mainly removing monsters due to the very limited space remaining) and I changed the final lift to work only from the cyber-facing side to just be a bit more sinister! amok-64kb-v3.rar
  4. amok

    My first map, feedback appreciated!

    Not bad for a first map, you did especially well with the texturing and creating a sense of progression as the player travels from tech-base to demon keep. The first room where the player is encouraged to run head first into a small horde to grab the shotgun is simple but effective. The initial trap upon grabbing the rocket was expected but the second was not. These in my opinion are the gameplay highlights of your map - more like that please! The secrets are very obvious and also perhaps too generous for an already very easy map, don't be afraid to be a bit (a lot!) tougher on the player. Its not too much of an issue in this map because its so linear but you haven't given the player any way to return after each teleport if they wished to do so. Furthermore the teleport lines you have used are single use - be aware that these can cause softlocks in more complex maps but as I said its not an issue here.
  5. @Walter confetti No secret exit but I can add one if needed? Although I feel like someone else could do a secret map better since I didn't make this map with the 31 slot in mind, we can just leave this map as a reserve MAP31 if no one gets around to making one. I'll call it "Jawbreaker". I've updated the download with a few HOM fixes too.
  6. Woah this filled up fast! I made a map intended for E3 (which seems to be full now) and managed to get the map to exactly 64.0kb. I don't think it's quirky enough for MAP31 but it is at least pretty tough. See what you think. Plays in MAP21, vanilla compat and default music. amok-64kb-2.rar
  7. amok

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Well we got there in the end! Thanks for seeing this through @Scotty & co. Maybe I forgot to send the update version of my map through but you've included an older version with a few bugs - there's quite a likely softlock early in the current version. I played through the first few maps in coop too and noticed similar issues: map02 - the door that locks at the crushers won't open if the player inside dies before the red key pickup map03 - a lot of monsters can be skipped if shared keys are on after someone gets the red key map05 - same as map02, the door doesn't open if someone dies in the crusher room before hitting the switch map06 - during the pit trap, the people who wait at the top can attack the archviles before they are revealed to the person below map10 - one player spawned in the voodoo closet Nova3-amok-DS9mm.rar
  8. amok

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    No I mean it literally starts the level anew, I made a quick video showing what I mean: https://streamable.com/6e48x This happens on ZDoom and GZDoom but seems to work fine on PrBoom+. (Also I just noticed the orange eyes for IDDQD, thats a great touch!)
  9. amok

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    @Obsidian, there's a bug on Map17 in the current compilation (RC4) where stepping onto the exit takes you back to the start of Map17. I mean its a great map but I don't want to play it endlessly! :p
  10. amok

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    @DMPhobos, great stuff. I like the variety in room shapes and the inter-connectivity throughout - makes using the automap very easy, which, as Big Ol Billy mentioned is very valuable in this map. I think the texturing indoors is fine but you might want to add a splash of colour to the outdoor areas, all 3 of them are monotone grey and theres lots of colourful textures in that pack! Also I think the progression can be a bit confusing - its hard to tell how far into the map you are if that makes sense, a couple keys and locked doors could help with that. In terms of difficulty I found it quite leisurely, I don't remember taking heavy damage anywhere except the final trap so yeah this would suit an early episode position very well.
  11. amok

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I was hoping to have a few fresh ideas coming back to my map after a few weeks break but nope - nothing! Ah well, I've at least fixed any bugs I could find/remember and I've removed a few of the Cybruisers since they got buffed. Also cleaned up the error-messages on startup so it looks like a proper map now. SBUT-1107
  12. amok

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Added difficulties, coop monsters and removed a couple Cybruisers. I'd call it complete but chances are I'll think of something to change in the next few days.
  13. amok

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Cheers @Scotty, I can see what you mean, I sort of got bored with the texturing of that area if I'm honest so maybe that's why it looks rushed or like an afterthought. @Obsidian, I've also noticed that the Hades Elementals can infight (if you're cruel enough to place 2 at once heh) and the coloured 24px switches don't animate either. I'd love to playtest too if you've got space.
  14. amok

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Cutting it close but thanks to a national holiday I had enough time to get this finished. Only balanced for UV at the moment. Have fun! Sun Blows Up Today Music: Level 3 Theme - Battletoads & Double Dragon Updated 03/06 with difficult levels and coop monsters.
  15. amok

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Great map @A2Rob, lots of fun! I can tell Valiant was a huge inspiration for this with the traps, progression and general styling. I like how there are no dead-ends and you can just circle around the map which is very beneficial when you have "vague" switches (I use the term lightly because I know you've decorated your switches with the relevant colours but I still managed to briefly get lost! :p). Difficulty-wise I think its fine, I died a couple times but the open layout of the start meant it never got tedious. I did think the megasphere was oddly placed in that it was quite easy to find and came as a complete surprise - you can't see it prior from any angles (just noticed when going back to check the sight-lines that you have inactive teleport lines around the megasphere!) and I would've been more than happy even with just a soulsphere (although I suppose it now depends on how tricky that teleport trap is). Another thing, I would say that there's too much flat space in the scenery surrounding the exit but then again it fits the moon theme so I dunno - either way its an easy fix. Very very cool map.