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  1. croma

    The First Ever Version Of Brutal Doom

    So why are we hating brutal doom again?
  2. I assume that you can't Google so much.
  3. Use this. Put the iwads on /storage/emulated/0/GZDoom/. Put pwads in /storage/emulated/0/GZDoom/wads You can find your iwads on the installation directory of your copy of DOOM from Steam.
  4. croma

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    Someone should make a meme about that
  5. croma

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    Not that copypasta, not here
  6. croma

    Amazeing Facility (Bloodloss Sample Map)

    I'll give you my feedback (but note that I'm not an excellent player/mapper) The visual is good, I like the gzdoom lighting, good use of it, not too exaggerated. The gameplay it's also quick and intense, with some changes it could become even unique to play. Please note: I have not completed the level because my operating system is completing some nasty annoying updates. So mine are first impressions. I'm following this thread because I like this map. (A little advice: do not publish so many screenshots of the level, it ruins the surprise.)
  7. The statusbar is amazing. Never seen something like that in my entire DOOM experience to be honest.
  8. @Mintmag I'm "Warming Up" like you, and I suggest you to play trough all the levels of DTWID. It's a great megawad, both gameplay and style are awesome.
  9. croma

    What are you playing now?

    Oh my, good luck to me.
  10. This is totally mental but I'm following it! I'm just subscribing to Twitch.
  11. croma

    What are you playing now?

    I'm a Newbie Doomer (as you can see from my profile, I've posted 9 times) and not a "skilled" player so maybe I'm overgeneralizing. I've only finished DTWID, D2TWID, 2001ADO and some random wad picked on the /idgames archive.