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  1. Ace83

    [Eureka] How to make a generic door?

    Maybe you're right, but I don't know how to fix it. Funny enough though; I ran into the same problem in Slade as well but after setting the door's properties / specials / args (arguments?) like speed and delay it worked like a charm. Maybe the problem is the same in Eureka, but how to edit these things there then? The difficulty level seems to be roughly the same in my pow so far, but I'm only at a beginning stage for map editing so I won't put one above the other for now. So far I like Slade more except for the fact that Things aren't displayed in the map without hovering over them (for instance a "former human" and "former human sergeant" is displayed the same*). Also, why Eureka if it isn't updated more often? Edit: *Although off-topic but my wrong. In preferences in Slade you can change so that Things display sprites instead of just colors & squares / circles, etc. Yes, something for a future project. For now I stick to creating from the existing textures and perhaps (probably) my own background story and music.
  2. Ace83

    [Eureka] How to make a generic door?

    Thank you, I can hear the sound effect of the door being opened, but the door won't open so I can pass through and the textures stays the same. Instead I'm trying out the PC version of Slade in Parallels and got it to work there along with some tutorial. Also it got some feautres that Eureka not having, as far as I can see, plus seems to be updated regularly.
  3. http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/?n=Cookbook.Doors Im using Eureka on Mac and have followed these instructions: http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/?n=Cookbook.Doors However, these instructions doesn't work / seems to be out of date / different on Mac. For instance - if this has anything to do with it - the "DR" prefix isn't included in the "Door_open" in the version I'm using. The prefixes have its own drop down menu, but DR isn't included. I'm using Eureka on a Mac (version 1.27b | last modified: 2020-04-25) along with GZ Doom & SSGL (Super Shotgun Launcher) for testing.
  4. Post edited. I got answers to most of my questions at ZDoom forums and by trying out some more. Also, I have an older topic concerning this: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/92003-slade-3-feedback-questions-map-building/ I'm using SLADE with OS X. Either way, questions that remain: 1. What is the most intuitive way to copy and paste a door? Sometimes when I try there are missing textures, and/or properties. To create a new door from scratch each time shouldn't be the way to go in the long run, right? (Right now I have to select all the lines and copy & paste and the same process for the sector mode). 2. Removing lines/sectors/things with CMD + X doesn’t work although ”Cut” with this hotkey shows in preferences. Backspace seems to work though, but I find CMD + X more efficient. 3. Is there any way to make the opened tabs in menus to remain open, once opened?
  5. Thank you! 1. Great! 2. That would be very handy indeed. But although it could be turned off, the feature itself is still important of course. Meaning, it needs it could be assigned to a hotkey instead. For instance, in Finder-browser "Non-Consecutive" file selections is CMD + Click. 3. Yes, I believe this "Select all correlated lines which are un-assigned" feature is only for the 3D mode afaik. When I think of it, SHIFT + Click do makes sense somewhat, since this is the command for selecting multiple files in the Finder browser which kind of the same. 4. I understand. 5. Not sure how current version is, but this is the options from a video uploaded in 2009: http://sv.tinypic.com/r/33mlphd/9 I'm not sure if I'd consider all those features the most needed right now, but could perhaps be useful sometimes. Let me instead ask this: What is the most intuitive way to copy and paste a door? Sometimes when I try there are missing textures, and/or properties. I’m new to this though, so I’m pretty sure I’m just doing it wrong. I have some further questions: 6. Removing lines/sectors/things with CMD + X doesn’t work although ”Cut” with this hotkey shows in preferences. Backspace seems to work though, but I find CMD + X more efficient. 7. Is there any way to make the opened tabs in menus to remain open, once opened? 8. Why isn’t the Textures in tabbed content, like it is with Things? So, right now it’s a bit overwhelming to deal with, especially for a beginner. 9. Speaking of texture browsing, the filter does help a bit but it seems only to display textures from the first letter. For instance when I want to display all doors upon browsing, one would guess by simply entering ”door” would display not only ”door1” but also ”bigdoor1”, but the latter doesn’t show. 10. Rotate sector doesn’t work for me, unless I use the bottom menu by selecting the angle in question, click PREVIEW and then the green sign. (Yes, all of that lol). 11. Deleting a sector = red lines. What does that mean? I’m also apparently not able to remove these. Btw, not sure if this Github page is active or not, but I posted a bug there: https://github.com/sirjuddington/SLADE/issues/620 If someone would come across similar problems in the future I'll try to update as I'm getting answers from other sources. UPDATE --- 2016-12-18: 5. Copy & paste door by selecting all the related lines, and then copy & paste related sector. That's a bit tedious, so I'm still open for other suggestions. 8: Not a big problem anymore, thanks to solution to number 9. 9: Filter all textures containing a word with (*), "*door". 11. Apparently I just misunderstood what sector means. 7. Is not that extremely important, so.. 5, 6 & 10 are the remaining questions for now. UPDATE --- 2016-12-18: 10. I gave it another shot and after som fiddle I finally got it to work. :) I apparently missed the small orange squares in each corner, which displays once CMD is pressed. IMO not very obvious and a bit sketchy (the orange color is the same as selection etc), but once you know it's all fine. 5 & 6 remains.
  6. First off, Slade 3 is a very cool editing program and seems to be very similar and just as good as GZ Doom Builder 2. So, I have gained some knowledge to work with Slade, although some of the tutorials are using (GZ)DB 2. Either way, Mac compatibility was the deal breaker for me. Now I don’t have to be dependent on a virtual machine to run GZDB 2, since I can’t afford to allocate 20 GB of space on my MacBook Air just to run Windows for a single program. Now, on to the small issues I’ve come across so far. 1) I’d like to reconfigure the hotkey for Redo, where is this located in the preferences? CMD + SHIFT + Z is standard for most other editing programs on Mac, but here it is CMD + Y which is a bit awkward (at least to me). I’d rather not get used to this, if possible. 2) For now, I’d also like to turn off the automatic selection. Meaning, for instance when I select a line and then another line/sector/thing, the previous will unselect. And rather have a hotkey for multi-selection like SHIFT + Click (once again, which is another example of ”Mac-standard” for similar behavior). Countless times I’ve messed things up because of this, lol. 3) Speaking of SHIFT + Click, currently this hotkey selects a whole sector (or something like that) which btw is a great feature. But this is also one of those inputs I’m unable to locate in the preferences, am I missing something? 4) What is the most intuitive way to select a room including ALL things in one go? For instance, if I want a certain area of the map to be located at another place? As it is now, I first have to move the sector and THEN all monster and items etc with the additional fine-tuning to get it right as it was before. 5) Do Slade have a ”paste special” function like Doom Builder? I guess that's all I have in mind, for now.. As a final note, I hope this program is still being developed. Thumbs up!
  7. Ace83

    [GZ Doom] UDMF support for Mac

    Thanks all for replying! lol, seems like I was doing something wrong after all since I managed it to work with GZ Doom. Again, I'm a beginner at this after all. Either way, I'll try to remember to post the aforementioned table displaying the source ports and platforms for the UDMF support if I find it again. Maybe it was not up to date, and/or I wasn't looking straight. :)
  8. I have just started out with Slade for map building, and afaik UDMF is a more versatile format than the ordinary Doom format. Moreover, I'm following this guide in my initial stage to get going: https://eev.ee/blog/2015/12/19/you-should-make-a-doom-level-part-1/ ... and UDMF format is the example this guy is using. However, upon trying out my map with GZ Doom it simply won't start. I just appear in the ordinary Doom 2 start level. So, upon further investigation it seems like UDMF is not supported at all with GZ Doom on a Mac. I'm unable to find the link now, but I think it was some kind of wiki page with a table (which stated "No"). For now, Z Doom is working for this purpose but GZ Doom is supposed to be the better alternative for visual gameplay, so I'm wondering if this will be supported in the future? I'm also thinking that I will run into trouble a lot if I want to try out new maps made by people on this forum, presuming UDMF is the standard (I'm new around here so can't tell). Alternatively, are there any better source ports available? I tried out Zandronum but this app doesn't work at all (no startup). Edit: Solved and title changed.
  9. Ace83

    Beautiful Doom

    1) All right, cool! Notify in this thread when it's done. 2) Yep, I went to your site (or somewhere) before and read the info. :) 3) I solved this by downloading Slade and just removed the sounds in question. Maybe your suggestion is better though.
  10. Ace83

    Beautiful Doom

    Hi, what a great enhancement for Doom! Btw I'm new to this forum so hopefully I'm posting in the most current thread for this mod. I'm using version anyway. I was just wondering: 1) I'm pretty sure the (ordinary) 1-shot shotgun is firing a bit "quicker" between salves than the original? Maybe my mind is just playing tricks.. If so, what's the intention? And while I have this subject in the air, is there something else which doesn't follow the "original mechanics"? 2) I tried another mod by perkristian, which is also supposed to be a sound enhancement mod being true to the original. Is this one using the very same sound effects? It did sounds very similar. But that would be a good thing, since then I don't have to load up both (if that's even possible). 3) Lastly, a minor thing. The sound effects of the salves from pistol / shotgun bouncing around is fun but gets a bit tiring after a while. Could these be turned down in the volume (or off completely)? I skimmed through the options but couldn't find any relevant. Anyway, I'm glad you took the time to make this mod as it refreshes the whole game experience. *Thumbs up*