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Status Updates posted by Gaia74


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    2. Archanhell


      The detail of adding dialogue and making conversations is really awesome, there are a few "errors" here and there, very small things like a missing letter or punctuation which is just nitpicky from me, but does not really affect - also it must be me but reading "bitch" like that is funny, again, just me, so overall the fight is good and you can improve it bit by bit, keep up my man. :p

      also q cancion es

    3. Gaia74


      @ArchanhellI really appreciate the support, and yes, I have several errors but it is something that over time I will fix n.n


      the music belongs to this game:

      The first one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIcenZx7dKE

      Junger: https://youtu.be/chHZJmeu7Bo


    4. Archanhell


      top 10 epic anime moments

  2. image.png.a1dbfc676b1e1fb01b580f4a7ec2457c.png
    The Doomworld roleplay session

    1. Gaia74


      I admit they are good ideas, but it's curious how something very simple started a big thing

    2. Archanhell


      Top 10 Epic Anime Moments

      Part 1: DoomWorld's Bizarre Adventures.

    3. Xcalibur344
  3. Hi everyone! Just say that I have made my personal server of discord, this server will contain my projects and it is in English of course, everyone is invited!





    1. Archanhell


      Those Isaac sprites are cool and very cool as always Gaia, keep it up like that! :D

    2. Gaia74


      Isaac for the win <3


      thank you Archan! :D

  5. If you don't know and if you are interested in my project I opened a Moddb for it, although I usually leave it a little dead, I will try to upload things there as well as my youtube channel





    I am also looking for playtesters, if you are interested in being one, you can tell me here, or also send me a private message on my discord or on the discord server of Doom Realm Spanish


    My Discord: Gaia74#9555

    Doom Realm Español: https://discord.gg/fwb7NaN


    Have a good day :P

  6. image.png.fd01156ba3e15b05514d98e7dabfd454.png

    What if the battle against demons is not human against demons ?

    What happens if the battle is angelic warriors against demons?


    1. 00_Zombie_00


      que buen mapa, y los ataques del cyber estan muy buenos



    Final Version.

    1. Gothic


      That rainbow railshot somewhat makes me feel nostalgic for the old skulltag days.

    2. Gaia74
  9. I don't know if the health bar is nice


  10. I think it's a good sprite to not always be the doomguy


    I still work in Kaiser X trying to make it a good wad, and I'm looking for playtesters so if you're interested, feel free to tell me

    1. 00_Zombie_00
    2. Gaia74


      Thank you! It would be helpful if you tried it, I will send you a demo version as soon as I can :P


    With Help of @00_Zombie_00 here is this :P

    1. Bass Slapper '89

      Bass Slapper '89

      Damn, that looks awesome! @00_Zombie_00 and @Gaia74 keep up the good work!

    2. 00_Zombie_00
  12. Im still working in my wad Kaiser X I've tried to improve the wad a lot, and i played in multiplayer with some friends, so i have a question, I try that the wad has the purpose of being difficult but not impossible so I had an idea to make this easier, is it a good idea to integrate a kind of manual, in which i mention some history and weaknesses of each demon?


    The wad contains a wide variety of almost 100 enemies, so I thought it would be a good idea since it would make you know a little about each species, its difficulty, weakness and its history , but I'm not sure if some agree, leave me your opinion! :PScreenshot_Doom_20191223_195728.png.000e13000db8bd9d2af365beac8b1428.png

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    2. Gaia74


      The blue cyberbaron is created by me for Kaiser X

    3. haruko haruhara

      haruko haruhara

      oh ok just wondering he looks cool

    4. 00_Zombie_00


      I agree, you must expose the weaknesses of the monsters

  13. 1000 posts....



  14. I launch the challenge of making a map with one of my bosses :v

  15. Can you believe that in all the publications that I have done even one has become popular? :"v, I feel somewhat useless hahaha

  16. It is assumed that my point of bad language should have expired: U but nothing xD

  17. Really the mods block you from the everthing else? xD

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    2. Starkiller


      I have all the wait I can get. 

    3. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      They're just trying to remind you that you're their dog and you wear their leash. It's implied passively otherwise, but I guess they really wanted to shoehorn you into the kennel.

    4. Starkiller


      Fair point.