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Everything posted by Gaia74

  1. I'm glad I was able to contribute, something very basic, I'm not the best, but I hope you like it, not only my recommendation, the whole wadazine <3
  2. Gaia74

    Discussion About Realm667

    The problem with that is that the vast majority are already modified according to the mod itself, I say it because in my project I have many realm667 monsters, but I have them modified to balance and other things, so they are not the originals
  3. Gaia74

    Discussion About Realm667

    Sad that a repository place very important for all modders ends up dying in a way as painful as a whim
  4. Gaia74

    Necesito consejos

    Friendly reminder de que aunque hay latinos por aqui, el lenguaje primordial es el ingles :P
  5. Gaia74

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    The question here is, how is it possible that tormentor found that things "good" for this project?
  6. Gaia74

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder

    I can only describe this wad in one word: beautiful
  7. Gaia74

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Sometimes changing themes within the mapping helps a lot, this time I wanted to create something natural and simple, it is not much, but it is progress :)
  8. Gaia74

    Do profile pictures change your perception of a user?

    insert here generic male anime voice
  9. Gaia74

    E1M1 Remake for K8vavoom

    glad to see you released the map, very nice! n.n
  10. Gaia74

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I wanted to do one experiment, I still need to improve a lot, but it is a beginning :)
  11. I am very happy to see another project like this!, I have been seeing how they are working and I am sure it will be a success! keep it up :p
  12. It is interesting that something as emotional as the departure of an important member for many, end up having other intentions
  13. Although I did not do anything for this project, I saw very closely how everyone worked together to complete the project, I am very happy to see this finished and many congratulations to all the mappers who worked on this! n.n
  14. Beatiful friendship in the videos
  15. Gaia74

    how gamer are you

    i'm gamer enough to speedrun the minesweeper
  16. Gaia74

    So where does your username come from?

    When I was a child, playing with my older brother, he taught me a bit of Greek mythology, he showed me the name of Gaia and although I didn't even know from where the name was, I liked the name a lot and from there along with the game of Illusion of Gaia, it is Why I kept this name ;P. And the 74 simply because it is my favorite number, the reason? I just thought it looked nice, yes, i was a very weird kid
  17. Gaia74

    Doom Annihilation is getting a sequel

    I'm also a person who don't watches a lot of movies, so my standards are probably low, as long as I am entertained it is enough for me Still, I completely agree that the first movie was not particularly good, and it could be a thousand times better
  18. Gaia74

    Doom Annihilation is getting a sequel

    The first movie shows a lot that it is low budget, but even so, it entertained me and I managed to enjoy it with my brother, so let's see if this improves or will be worse although i still have the question of how the first movie was considered "successful"
  19. It's too much money to refuse it, do you know how many tacos I can buy with that?