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  1. It would take me much more than seeing the sky in an editor pre-view to make me use Windows.
  2. Bad King John

    Single WADs not at Map01

    LoL! You should get out more! I've been playing levels and reading the comments in the /idgames Archive database quite a bit lately and there are some very "selfish" commenters out there. 0/5 or 1/5 for otherwise OK levels, just because someone did not like the style, is very common, which is a shame. The system could do with some kind of meta-moderation as some other web-sites do. Having read some reasons in this thread for making a single wad at other than Map01 (although I don't find all of them compelling), I would not take a star off for that reason in future.
  3. Bad King John

    (Pretty Darn Good) For A First Attempt

    Spare the self-congratulations please, it's unpolished. No attention to aligning textures; the 5-star reviewer must have missed the computer texture door track in an otherwise marble wall - which moves with the door like every other door track. Some boring long passages with a trooper round the next corner. There are interesting bits but it needed more work.
  4. Bad King John

    Hell's play garden

    You can't finish as not enough ammo and no lower difficulties. I suppose it did its job of showing someone how to create wads, but should not have uploaded it here.
  5. Bad King John

    Single WADs not at Map01

    No doubt asked before, but why do some single level authors position their level at other than Map 01? I've just reviewed one at Map 20, and they lost a star from me because of it. Did the author think his level is only seen at its best after playing through the 19 previous stock Doom II maps? It's been said that it's to get a particular piece of background music, but I've seen cases where the author is clearly expert enough to incorporate any music they want into their wad - in fact the author of the one I just reviewed has done exactly that with some of his other levels.
  6. Bad King John

    Veteran mappers - What is your method before you start a level?

    I start with a particular trick or feature I have in mind - like cacos rising out of a pond or a chapel full of worshiping monsters. I then build other rooms and passageways around it, leading to and from it.
  7. Bad King John


    FFS people, stop reviewing this like it's new - it's history. And if you really do want history, play the DOS version on a 486 ($10 from eBay). If you just want the retro feel, then it's Chocolate Doom. Otherwise play PrBoom or ZDoom.
  8. Bad King John


    Good classic Doom. Surprise mass attacks, OK if you already hold the right weapon (I needed a few re-starts). Loads of ammo and health, but you need to let the monsters in-fight in some places. Interesting map, but loses a star for being Map 20 (why?). Took me over an hour at UV.
  9. Bad King John

    Dallion One

    Monsters overwhelmed me even at ITYTD. Vast unfinished areas- did author get bored adding all those monsters? Parts of it are excellent though - someone could work on this and make it good.
  10. Bad King John

    Why were the textures sized this way?

    People who code, and that loosely includes Doom level designers, are not your typical human. Powers of two make perfect sense to [most of] them.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean by "free look in 3D mode", perhaps because I've never used Doom Builder, but you can certainly get a 3D look and walk-about in Eureka. Nor am I sure what you mean by "automatic texture alignment". In Eureka's 3D view you can align textures by selecting one and then : c : clear offsets on highlighted sidedef x : align X offset with wall to the left y : align Y offset with wall to the left z : align both X + Y offsets to the left X : align X offset with wall to the right Y : align Y offset with wall to the right Z : align both X + Y offsets to the right It only takes a few seconds going round a room doing this, and I'm not sure I'd want this to be totally automated as I prefer to keep some control. When I did Doom editing some years ago you had to work out texture alignments with pencil and paper! I'm wondering what version of Eureka you have tried. As Scifista42 pointed out, you cannot expect (or condemn) an editor just because it does not have the same interface as one you used before; conversely I expect I'd have an interface learning curve to climb if I tried Doom Builder. Same goes for moving to Linux from Windows generally!
  12. "I mean, couldn't even draw a sector in Eureka Editor" Eh? Go into sector mode (by pressing "s"), put the cursor into some empty space, and then press the middle mouse button. A default sector is created. Or in vertex mode (press "v") select an existing vertex (left mouse) and then move the cursor around in empty space pressing the space-bar everywhere you want a new vertex, with a final space-bar click on another existing vertex. New sector created joined to old one(s). Have you RTFM? - the README.txt file that comes with it? I use Eureka all the time, v1.07 on Debian Linux.
  13. Bad King John

    Rezulux's First Map

    Bugs at the final door (fucked up sidedefs). Had to replace some textures to play on PrBoom. Door tracks move. Interesting tiny level though.
  14. Bad King John


    The highlight (the "Ballet") I suppose is strafe circling three C-demons in a big arena; but I got bored and cheated. Apart from that, not enough ammo or health, glaring texture misalignment, silly sounds, and boring minimalist architecture. God knows why they made three maps out of this. The claimed "legend[ary] status" Level 2 finish is choosing between two buttons, one of which crushes you; but after 20 years the "legend" has yet to take root, it seems.
  15. Bad King John

    Stupid Benchmark #1

    Don't even bother. FWIW, it's a vast square room packed shoulder-to-shoulder with millions(?) of monsters. You die in seconds. Slow to load but did run in PrBoom on Linux. Author said it's crap - he shouldn't have uploaded it. Some idiot gave it 5 stars though.