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  1. Feel free to prove me wrong, but from what little 'research' I've done, all the images of the cover I've found still have the creases and a lot of those are low res.
  2. Berserk, the '97 version.
  3. Just found out there existed unofficial Hungarian doom books and their covers are pretty awesome (his gun even says IDKFA). But I feel like the marketing guys over at EA may have drawn some inspiration. Though probably not...
  4. DTWID has quite a few maps that do this. I do think it's a bit frustrating when you have both 100% health and armor and step in some slime for too long. It's probably an OCD thing.
  5. That topic title is very "Engrish".
  6. *Hump Sound*
  7. Someone else has brought this up before, put newer games sometimes ask you to adjust the borders of the screen. I would think that they would automatically match the size of the screen if it's a common aspect ratio like 4:3 and 16:9.
  8. open console -> type "give mp40" -> type "give hitlersbuzzsaw" Works for me.
  9. Doomguy punches the air sooooo hard that it creates a sound only audible to demons.
  10. At least when you stop firing the plasma gun it goes quiet. The chainsaw ALWAYS makes a sound unless you switch to another weapon.
  11. I find it amazing how toy companies back in the day were able to create tie-ins with violent action movies.
  12. I'm probably giving him too much credit, but he could have said that to throw off the audience. The 'twist' I guess you could say was that the Rock's character became that bad guy. Though it's more likely that he said that for marketing reasons.
  13. He may have known what was up, but didn't tell the player that because he felt a portal to hell wouldn't open up and murder everyone.
  14. I usually do this if I get the feeling that one of the choices will screw me and keep me from progressing in the game.