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  1. If the mod contains shit that isn't "real" (like images of actual murder) then it should be perfectly fine. The problem is really how one would pull off such an idea within a doom mod without it coming off as very "edgy".
  2. Resigned_34

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    I thought this was a bad attempt at slam poetry at first...
  3. Resigned_34

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Not sure if this counts, but from Doom 2 RPG:
  4. Resigned_34

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I put an unreasonable amount of time into Rage; probably more than what it deserved. The shooting was fun, but the car-combat was pretty mediocre. I'll be interested in seeing what they could do with it.
  5. Resigned_34

    Anyone Annoyed That...

    Huh, didn't even realize...
  6. Resigned_34

    What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Sodom Razor Venom and Black Sabbath of course. I prefer Priest over Maiden honestly
  7. That lift puzzle in M1 certainly didn't help things much for me. I still need to finish Hexen, played it for an hour and two but got distracted.
  8. Resigned_34

    I Need Some Help With Research

    This survey does seem to be made from the perspective that all Doom games are confined to cramped, indoor areas like Doom 3 rather than Classic Doom (or even Doom 2016 for that matter).
  9. Resigned_34

    Doom movie thoughts?

    This idea reminds me of that Warhammer 40k short film that came out in the 90's, though what you have in mind would be more akin to that cinematic trailer than something a bunch a dudes filmed in a warehouse on a VHS camera (not to say that's bad).
  10. It may be a situation like the pinky demon. It's referred to in the official material as just the "demon", and as people started using the nickname it quickly took over the original name.
  11. Resigned_34

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just found out that Maximum Doom was a thing, and that it had SOOOOOOO many PWADs.
  12. Resigned_34

    Flaws in Doom 3 : BFG Edition.

    There was a similar moment in base Doom 3 where you had to escort a scientist through a pitch-black chamber. The scientist would hold a lantern to light the room and you had to kill the demons as they appeared. For BFG, they didn't even adapt the level for the new flashlight mechanics, making the whole sequence unnecessary.
  13. Resigned_34

    Happy New Year

    Damn... 2018 already?
  14. Resigned_34

    Hungarian Doom Novels

    Feel free to prove me wrong, but from what little 'research' I've done, all the images of the cover I've found still have the creases and a lot of those are low res.
  15. Resigned_34

    What was your first anime?

    Berserk, the '97 version.