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  1. Afterglow

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More OTEX. Single player layout done for a level started April this year so for once it isn't a drawn-out process that takes two decades. This one will be packaged with two more maps.
  2. Afterglow

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Nah, Ling & DW no longer have 1999-2000 hosted site backups. Team Insanity admin Simon (Chief) left two decades ago so @Lüt is the only person that would (by some miracle) have a doomworld.com/insanity backup. If Wayback Machine didn't store the ZIP files then those demos are gone.
  3. Afterglow

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    dmdjm01 MAP01 UV Max in 4:41 dmdjm441.zip Recorded on June 23, 1999 by Adam Hegyi. The demo is mentioned in the archive of my old Doomnation hosted site from 2000. The current top times all came from a Team Insanity LMP competition held November 1999, 5 months after Adam's run.
  4. Carnevil also added more details in the released version, most notably around the central elevator. According to an old Skulltag forum threads I came across, the consensus was the hallways being too cramped and the layout too small for a 4+ player deathmatch sessions. Since 1v1 duel slots were full and people were tired of Torn's level, it was replaced. To be fair, almost every Skulltag map had cramped gameplay space (including my own) considering its player movement speed. D2ST1 / D2ST3 I missed v0.97b moving D2ST1 to D2ST3 for a D2ST1 replacement so it's actually the newer D2ST1 missing a credit. http://www.skulltag.com/stmanual/ shows Carn & Lu Wang (what happened to his western TC?) making D2ST3.
  5. Afterglow

    New maps - Root of Evil now Beta

    Yeah, I suppose the floor sky is how Doom II's hell levels & Ultimate Doom E4 handled that. Many levels still had EXITDOOR as an indicator too? Other ideas: Draw the word "EXIT" into the floor, lit up but if the player doesn't see it, the word would also show on the automap. Sacrilege: add a single patch from OTEX that was designed to mix with doom[2].wad. OEXITC03 fits right in. Make an edit to OTEX's bloodied flesh OEXITA01 or OEXITA02 to either blend with shadow on GSTONE or act as a midtex. When entering the room, make a crusher kill a Commander Keen thing and replace its death sound with you screaming, "THIS IS THE EXIT!"
  6. @Doomkid Yesterday in the Zandronum forum thread Metalhead replied via HeX9109. Last night Wartorn was able to retrieve some old Skulltag forum posts that revealed some credits: D2DUEL6 (Carnevil), D2DUEL10 (Wagi), D2LMS2 (Carnevil & Submerge), D2LMS4 (Carnevil), D2CTF3 (HeavenWraith) That leaves only 3 maps uncredited: D2DM9, D2LMS3, D2ST3
  7. Afterglow

    New maps - Root of Evil now Beta

    Also some suggestions for release: Add a new custom MIDI so the player doesn't get D_RUNNIN'd. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Adding_custom_music#Finding_MIDI_files has a bunch of resources to trawl through. (I personally -nomusic and play actual recordings.) I don't think it's absolutely required but the RSKY1 patch would usually be wrapped by PP_START & PP_END marker lumps. Add a ZMAPINFO lump with the compatmode setting to ensure doom2.exe gameplay in ZDoom ports. i.e., prevent feedback like "this level is broken after I hit the jump key". defaultmap { NoCrouch NoJump compatmode = 2 } map MAP01 "Root of Evil" { cluster = 5 levelnum = 1 music = D_RUNNIN par = 900 sky1 = "SKY1" titlepatch = CWILV00 } cluster 5 { flat = FLOOR7_2 music = D_READ_M exittext = "The End." }
  8. Afterglow

    New maps - Root of Evil now Beta

    Wait, how'd I miss this? I lurked your DW profile and only saw this thread last week. An hour ago I Twitch streamed two runs: First run is HMP visiting the blue key area then red (and I corrected my corrupt mouselook ways.) Second run is UV run going red then blue. Gametime for both was about 25min. I had some commentary during the stream but afterwards I realized my webcam mic was silently disabled because Windows 10 privacy settings are a pile of makeshift shit. If you see this comment after Aug 23 the video will be gone from Twitch but I have an 8gb .mp4 I can upload to YouTube. Bullet point things: Same as Crudreams MAP11, awesome use of varying skyheights to make the whole space feel more 3D. The final fight floating cubes = very cool. The non-linear choices are mostly balance really well. I did find the first run easier since the RL picked up from the blue key area provided excess ammo for the east. Not a big fan with maps that have alert enemies immediately on level load. A blood floor-raise trigger could be added when stepping off the white teleport pad? Same as the earlier comment about the blue key area's first archvile, this arachnotron is easy to pick off with the bars still closed. Maybe raise it out of the blood after the bars have opened? The BFALL1 steps leading to the blue key could use Y-alignments to avoid repeating patterns. I got caught up in alcoves nestled around the north-east fast-moving platform. I suppose that was intentional and I am an idiot for trying to make that a close-proximity fight. Thick marble pillars provide really easy cover for the red key cyberdemon. Is there a way to force the player to approach that fight from the opposing ledge (with the pillar-raising switch)? The cut marble block secrets could use a slight lighting shift to make the geometry difference more apparent? Especially for vanilla 320x200 & 640x400 software renderers where the seams won't be as obvious. East area has a misplaced texture that should be WOODMET1. The exit cyberdemon can also be partially cheesed with CG & SSG from the side tunnel/window although there is limited bullets/shells at this point so it's probably not a concern. I agree on UV this fight could use more projectile enemies from the ledges but it's always a balance of trying to avoid in-fighting. Is the exit finished? The switch lacks an exit sign indicator. There is health atop of the switch but there isn't a subsequent fight to load up for. The last fight and exit have a lock-in. e.g., in my second run there were 4 enemies left but I couldn't return to earlier in the map to finish 100% kills & secrets. The exit teleporter could return the player to the room before they ascend the platform to that last fight? All in, great map especially considering it targets doom2.exe.
  9. Thanks to Carnevil I've been able to reach most of the core level designers (Agent Spork, Boris, Mechadon, Submerge, WastedYouth) to pinpoint all credits except for 8 maps. I would guess D2LMS2 & D2LMS3 were made by the same person. Metalhead might be the last contact that could finsh this puzzle but I can't find their active email. D2DM9: Infernal Chamber (add'l edits by Submerge) D2DUEL6: Edge of Despair D2DUEL10: Human Cargo D2LMS2: Survival Corridor (add'l edits by Submerge) D2LMS3: Death Corridor D2LMS4: Storage Area D2CTF3: Naked Temple D2ST3: Blood Fortress
  10. Thanks @boris! Sorry for throwing you under the bus as Discord for some reason didn't show the notification highlight indicator for your replies. I think there have been 3 different maps under slot D2DM8 - yours, then Torn's, then Mechadon in 2009. It does seem like the many ST maps had free-for-all edits by the community as if the forum "owned" the assets? My CTF map suddenly appeared in a 2006 release when I had created that unreleased version (of a SacrificeDM map) years early for either CTFDoom or Doombot. I must have shared it on IRC or sent it privately to Carnevil.
  11. Cross-posted on Zandronum forums, for the DoomWiki I've been trying to gather the graphic artist & level designer credits missing for the original Skulltag stock maps, all 57+ of them. Most members active 2003 to 2010 have since run oft so getting this information is proving a challenge now. The other problem being Skulltag's web site, wiki, & distribution never having a thorough level designer credits breakdown post-2003. Knowledge Archives: http://web.archive.org/web/20100211202018/http://skulltag.net/wiki/Credits http://www.skulltag.com/stmanual/credits.html http://www.skulltag.com/download/files/release/Skulltag Version History.txt https://x1.rfc1337.net/stforum/ Skulltag forum database archive from threads created late 2009-2012 unfortunately has little mapping activity talk since v0.98a on 2009-10-24 was the last major map release. http://web.archive.org/web/20091216214055/http://skulltag.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=107 Frustratingly this Dec 2009 snapshot of the forum has ideal thread subject "New credits map" that was never archived by the Wayback Machine. So far I have contacted Carnevil, Agent Spork, and Mechadon that confirmed their map slots. Carnevil couldn't remember exactly who did the remaining slots. @boris probably didn't bothered to read my monster Discord DM about his maps because... TLDR. So I'm hoping some long-dormant members like @Submerge or @WastedYouth could pop in to help. EDIT: Every credit I gathered is now published on: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Skulltag_data Below are 3 maps still missing credits, each was added in v0.97b (2006) so I'm fairly sure they were created by Carnevil. D2DM9: Infernal Chamber (edited by Submerge) D2LMS3: Death Corridor D2ST1: Doom Keep
  12. Afterglow

    Some tips on decorating maps?

    Those design decisions were likely a product of: My initial experience with those textures was making darken2.wad that targeted doom2.exe, so VPO-friendly minimalism was expected. For those darken2 tan textures (remade as OBASEA/OBASEB in OTEX), there really wasn't a vertical compliment in the same colour/shade After dmdjm*, SlaughterDM, early Crucified Dreams, SacrificeDM, etc., I was tired of Romero E1-style cliché to use SUPPORT2/ADEL_S01 separators. Around the time those maps were made, my main inspiration was community-made maps from the first three Quake games. Many were attrium-style designs with vertical layered materials and strong framing. Making detailed Doom maps with that in mind is a lot of easier when you have many patterns of the same base surface which is why OTEX is the strongest choice. Having that concrete with vertical edges, I can frame the doorway on X and Y along with a darker frame. Then I layered new materials behind that, along with completely (un)necessary 3D cutouts. Tonight I noticed this jarring corner where the concrete and dark metal meet awkwardly: So I broke it up with a concrete column. Again the vertical concrete edges is used, but only 4-wide pixels of that texture are in place to transition the column into the brown/black middle material. So the concrete is like a photo frame of the metal panel. Finalizing geometry, it might help to think in the context of the material, what real world thing it represents, how heavy it is, what support system would be needed. Then iterate dozens of times and take 22 years to finish said map. Dragonfly did that transition. I never noticed.
  13. Afterglow

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Isolation instructions: "Short, breezy, light-hearted Boom maps". Me: Since I spent more than 12 hours on it, this map will be released standalone. "Clock Out" is on the /idgames mirrors now and the DW database should pick it up tomorrow at https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dmdclockout
  14. Afterglow

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Grab the latest dev binaries at: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/ultimatedoombuilder/ Versions r3373 (released 2 weeks ago) and r3379 (2 days ago) show the menu item. Edit: also check under "Game Configurations" since it looks like you can toggle the menu item under there.
  15. Afterglow

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    The "Mode" dropdown should show it?