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  1. Afterglow

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Been working on (yet another) vanilla map this month. Half of the level is right up against the drawsegs limit because I enjoy torturous playtesting?
  2. Afterglow

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    In vanilla, line specials "51 - S1 Exit Level (goes to secret)" & "124 - W1 Exit Level (goes to secret)" will restart the current level when used outside of MAP15 & MAP31. However this behavior changes in some circumstances when the global game state is different, e.g., when command line parameters -warp or -playdemo are used. If you progressively play MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, etc. in a continuous session and hit line special 124 on MAP05, doom2.exe will restart MAP05. With -warp or a loaded save game, it resets the game back to MAP01. (Some source ports like ZDoom "fix" that undefined behavior by treating the trigger like a regular exit when no secret map destination is defined.)
  3. Afterglow

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    In E2M3 I ran into a soft lock behind a tree sprite: E3M3 texture misalignment near the exit:
  4. Afterglow

    Vengeance 2: Invasion (new screenshots)

    Since returning have you had a look at OTEX? It has drop-in replacements for many textures in those scenes including some really good bricks. In the post-BTSX era, the SurgeDM stuff can look a bit dated now. Although we're making Doom levels here - dated is our jam.
  5. Afterglow

    Caverns of Darkness 2.0

    One afternoon back in December I started a (hacky) experimental Eternity Engine branch that attempted to support the original /idgames cod.wad & codlev.wad as-is: https://github.com/team-eternity/eternity/compare/master...derekmd:caverns-of-darkness-support For ambient sounds, I added a thing type ID map that moved cod-engine.exe's hard-coded IDs into EE's 14001+ range. I didn't really do much else work on that branch beyond loading a custom .bex file when cod.wad is loaded. FYI printz also posted a Caverns of Darkness discussion on EE's GitHub issues about adding first-order support to the source port: https://github.com/team-eternity/eternity/issues/305 And if this helps with migrating the old code, my diff on the COD engine source and Eternity Engine beta5 found only these files were changed: D_deh.c D_deh.h D_englsh.h D_items.c Doomdef.h G_bind.c G_bind.h G_game.c I_VIDEO.H Info.c Info.h M_cheat.c M_misc.c Mn_menus.c P_enemy.c P_inter.c P_lights.c P_pspr.c P_spec.c P_spec.h R_sky.c Sounds.c Sounds.h Wi_stuff.c
  6. Afterglow

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Yup, that's it. I have no clue why the original IWAD texture was assembled in such a complicated way. A single plain 128x128 patch would have even taken up less disk space.
  7. Afterglow

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Yeah, to reiterate there's a glitch in the texture drawing of BIGDOOR7 rooted in the weird-ass way doom.wad composed the texture by re-using a 128x136 patch. Ultimate Doom E3M4: I just discovered this alongside a conversation with boris about the DB2 family of editors not considering this Doom "bug" (or error correction): https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Vertical_offsets_are_ignored_in_texture_patches in doom.wad & doom2.wad, W105_1 is a 128x136 patch IWAD doom.wad: the patch is applied to the BIGDOOR7 texture twice at (-4, -4) and (125, -5) however, Doom ignores the negative Y offsets so it becomes (-4, 0) and (125, 0) IWAD doom2.wad applies W105_1 (-5, 0) and (123, 0) so these alignments are unaffected According to the wiki article, the Doom II's STEP2 re-use of patch SW11_4 would also affected but NeuralUpdate2x_v1.0.pk3 already has a GZDoom texture filter workaround for that. It looks like the downscale didn't consider the W105_1 patch's odd dimensions as it glitched when cropped and resized: It would have to be regenerated and edited to be similar to `WOOD5` with half `SUPPORT3` patches along each edge; 24 pixels thick in a 256x256 texture.
  8. Afterglow

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Because I don't have enough unreleased levels, this weekend I started my first vanilla map since darken2.
  9. Afterglow

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More OTEX. Single player layout done for a level started April this year so for once it isn't a drawn-out process that takes two decades. This one will be packaged with two more maps.
  10. Afterglow

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Nah, Ling & DW no longer have 1999-2000 hosted site backups. Team Insanity admin Simon (Chief) left two decades ago so @Lüt is the only person that would (by some miracle) have a doomworld.com/insanity backup. If Wayback Machine didn't store the ZIP files then those demos are gone.
  11. Afterglow

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    dmdjm01 MAP01 UV Max in 4:41 dmdjm441.zip Recorded on June 23, 1999 by Adam Hegyi. The demo is mentioned in the archive of my old Doomnation hosted site from 2000. The current top times all came from a Team Insanity LMP competition held November 1999, 5 months after Adam's run.
  12. Carnevil also added more details in the released version, most notably around the central elevator. According to an old Skulltag forum threads I came across, the consensus was the hallways being too cramped and the layout too small for a 4+ player deathmatch sessions. Since 1v1 duel slots were full and people were tired of Torn's level, it was replaced. To be fair, almost every Skulltag map had cramped gameplay space (including my own) considering its player movement speed. D2ST1 / D2ST3 I missed v0.97b moving D2ST1 to D2ST3 for a D2ST1 replacement so it's actually the newer D2ST1 missing a credit. http://www.skulltag.com/stmanual/ shows Carn & Lu Wang (what happened to his western TC?) making D2ST3.
  13. Afterglow

    New maps - Root of Evil now Beta

    Yeah, I suppose the floor sky is how Doom II's hell levels & Ultimate Doom E4 handled that. Many levels still had EXITDOOR as an indicator too? Other ideas: Draw the word "EXIT" into the floor, lit up but if the player doesn't see it, the word would also show on the automap. Sacrilege: add a single patch from OTEX that was designed to mix with doom[2].wad. OEXITC03 fits right in. Make an edit to OTEX's bloodied flesh OEXITA01 or OEXITA02 to either blend with shadow on GSTONE or act as a midtex. When entering the room, make a crusher kill a Commander Keen thing and replace its death sound with you screaming, "THIS IS THE EXIT!"
  14. @Doomkid Yesterday in the Zandronum forum thread Metalhead replied via HeX9109. Last night Wartorn was able to retrieve some old Skulltag forum posts that revealed some credits: D2DUEL6 (Carnevil), D2DUEL10 (Wagi), D2LMS2 (Carnevil & Submerge), D2LMS4 (Carnevil), D2CTF3 (HeavenWraith) That leaves only 3 maps uncredited: D2DM9, D2LMS3, D2ST3