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  1. Copy and pasted from my super cool web site:

    Hello folks. I guess I can make an update despite not releasing anything in months. While you look at my wadography (I'm hearby coin this term to refer to an author's list of Doom works), you'll notice I have very little work in the public's hands. This is tiresome since I've been working for years on levels which for one reason or another I haven't released. I have seven unfinished single player levels, each in the range of 10,000 to 25,000 sidedefs. These maps include two sequels to the Jägermörder series (Boom) and two Zdoom maps that I think will be one of the first serious explorations into the capabilities of slopes within the Doom engine. One annoyance pertaining to these matters is the stretched look of steep slopes, but I'll make due.

    I suppose to next topic of discussion is the much maligned (wait, I mean forgotten) Crucified Dreams. Yes, it is still being worked on. It was started in 1998 but think of it this way: when I picked up the project from Covaro in March 2000, most of the maps in the project either sucked (Hi Pixel!) or were Gothic DM2 rejects. I've cut out a fair amount of material and the rest has been heavily reworked. From there I also finished a bunch of levels from scratch. Along with this, I took the texture resources which were mostly gothictx.wad, added SlaughterDM resources and some textures of my own. This led to me retexturing many levels and reworking layouts and redetailing... I've pretty much gone through each level four times detailing. Some of the geometric detail is approaching being obscene but I think it's was all worth it. While Gothic DM2 pushed the limits of doom2.exe, I'm trying to push the visual limits of Doom2 within a 2.5D space without slopes... although I've also added some slopes composed fully of 1 pixel wide sectors, but it looks aesthetically pleasing since I made sure to align textures and flats to avoid repeating pixels. You read all this thinking it's Gothic99 MAP01 all over again, but it's far from that. Many of the areas are modest, kept clean and simple, for the most part. In fact, only one level is above 1MB... actually it's above 2MB and will reach Doom II's limit of 32,768 sidedefs. I think it will be the largest deathmatch-only Doom level ever made so I can add myself to the annals of the Doom community as the fool that put the stupidest amount of hours into editing a twelve year old game. What is the largest Doom deathmatch level anyway?

    Other distractions taking up my time include writing and editing Doom Wiki articles, mostly in the realm of authors and wads. I want to fill in the info on pieces relating to the GothicDM team since they were so influential on myself and the Doom community in general. Yeah, go ahead, start whining about gameplay now. Forget the fact that nothing of worth ever has shown up in Doomworld's /newstuff reviews in months.

    I added three more wads to the TEXTURES!!! section. Enjoy.

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    2. Johnny


      I <3 you Afterglow.

    3. Afterglow


      It's nice to know that if I ever go poof, I have some guys waiting for me. I reckon such an event won't happen too soon so don't hold your breath. I added a Fingers-inspired area today because I'm awesome like that.

    4. Ralphis