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  1. Update from my web site:

    No Crucified Dreams yet which can be blamed on Jon Rimmer and Michal Mesko. Go harass them and don't forget to insult their mothers.

    Jägermörder 02: Terra Nova is well underway, with the layout about 90% complete. I was aiming to make it Boom-compatible, just as the first in the series, but currently the sidedef count is 30,282, rapidly approaching the Doom engine's limit of 32,768. Even with SEGS, I doubt it will even run with Boom after I add the final area. I only have 384MB of RAM on the machine I'm working with causing Doom Builder to swap like madness, especially when I'm in 3D mode. It isn't too fun to wait 10 seconds for a texture change to complete.

    The style of the level is the same as Jägermörder 01 - Chemical Lab, except I will fix a couple complaints about that map in its sequel. First off, the map isn't short, it's huge. Almost Xbox, even. Secondly, the map won't be easy but that doesn't mean I'm going to go all Hell Revealed on you. I know some players will be turned off by the two introductory fights that force you into a small area with plenty of crossfire. Lastly, the linear aspect of the layout's design isn't as much of a problem. The first 33% of the layout is linear but after that there's multiple paths to accomplish goals and multiple steps to reach goals.

    As is the theme in my Doom career, this level was started loooong ago; the summer of 1999, I believe. It has ended up being a combination of a bunch of different maps I started but never completed, including: Mordeth E2, Jägermörder 05, a Quake-style wind pipe effects demo (you get vertically sucked up, then spit out the other end), SMMU/Eternity start map, an E1-style DM map for Crucified Dreams, an Ultimate Doom map I started in 1998 and areas from my remix of Lee Szymanski's Crucified Dreams contribution. Oddly, the theme and architecture are still consistent. Sprinkled throughout are subtle homages to some of my favourite mappers which you historians should be able to easily spot.

    I'm not going to claim it's my best work yet since there are a few too many tight corridors and I didn't experiment with tenebrism enough as the whole layout is rather well-lit. I guess I'll delay that type of work to Jägermörder 03, which has a huge layout that's 66% complete. 04 has also been started.

    Crucified Dreams will also have a deathmatch version of Jägermörder 01 with a modified layout more conducive to multiplayer. It's all words, isn't it?

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    2. Szymanski


      Jonathan said:

      a lot of it remains to be detailed.... about to go on holiday.....really commit some time to getting my map close to completion.

      summer 2006 then?

    3. Fredrik


      Optimism is fine, but don't go overboard.

    4. Johnny



      I am awaiting this wad with a very large doom boner.